Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Sixty-Four

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Sixty-Four
Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Sixty-Four

After watching Snaley’s untimely death, it was time to continue the search through Humphrey.

Omori Game Guide - After Snaley Death continue through Humphrey

I went to the right to check if there was anything I missed and accidentally went down a waterfall puzzle.

Omori Game Guide - Going through a waterfall puzzle

I went to the left first.

Omori Game Guide - Waterfall puzzle first go left

When there was a fork in the waterfall, I continued south. This knocks Humphreys down the waterfall below.

Omori Game Guide - In the waterfall puzzle go south

When you get to the bottom, you’ll notice the Humphreys you knocked down sitting in the waterfall below. I was a little upset because I thought I had missed checking out what was on the other platforms.

Omori Game Guide - In the waterfall puzzle go north

Fortunately, there’s a way back up. Which instantly led me to believe I had to make that trip down multiple times.

Omori Game Guide - Checking the way out in the waterfall

However, before I went back down, I wanted to see what this was all about. I hit a couple of them, and they changed looks. I noticed that they would have the same expression if you hit them a couple of times, so I matched them together.

Omori Game Guide - You Got Onion Ring

When I matched the three Humphrey’s together, a blue watermelon fell on the middle platform that drops an Onion Ring.

Omori Game Guide - Equipment Onion Ring

The Onion Ring is a charm that increases the heart and juice of one of the players.

Omori Game Guide - Looking for a way out

After clicking on the board that says “Game,” it tells you that these two are matching games. I was able to figure that out with the first one, so I matched them for the second platform. You get a green watermelon for doing this one.

Omori Game Guide - Go straight down south

After that, I went back down the waterfall puzzle. I went left again.

Omori Game Guide - Found U key

I took a left instead, and it led me down to the U key. It knocks the key down, where you can pick it up in the pool below.

Omori Game Guide - Humphrey just in front of us going east
Omori Game Guide - HERO - I would really appreciate it if you guys could wrap this up
Omori Game Guide - Hero is getting sick

After getting the key, you have to make the trip two more times. After the third one, Hero starts getting sick, but there’s only one more to go. One land has more Humphreys for you to knock down, while the last one gave me an appendix charm.

Omori Game Guide - Equipment Appendix

This charm does absolutely nothing. It’s just an appendix. I wonder if we can sell it?

Omori Game Guide - Finally out of the waterfall puzzle

Now that you’re done, you’ll notice a Humprey on the bottom left, ready to start another bridge. Talk to this Humphrey.

Omori Game Guide - Humphrey - You want to use me as stepping stone to further your ambiguous agenda

Now, go through all the Humphreys in the water and have them form a bridge.

Omori Game Guide - Walking on the Humphrey bridge

Now that the bridge is formed, walk across and down the ladder.

Omori Game Guide - Looks like a library

When you get to the bottom of the ladder, you’ll walk into another large research room.

Omori Game Guide - Stepping into a research room

There’s a door to the north, but before you enter, you’ll see a green watermelon up a ladder.

Omori Game Guide - Sweetheart I do not like her

Enter the door, and you’ll see Sweetheart bothering another one of the slime girls. This time, Medusa makes her the perfect version of herself, only for Sweetheart to completely hate it.

Omori Game Guide - You Got A Slimy Keycard
Omori Game Guide – You Got A Slimy Keycard

After Medusa and Sweetheart storm off, you can pick up the Slimy keycard.

Omori Game Guide - Humphrey - A Slimy Keycard

Go out the door and present the slimy keycard to the large Humphrey in the center to go downstairs. Once you get downstairs, you’ll see a save point without Mari. Save and heal everyone up to prepare for what’s to come.

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