Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Sixty-Five

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Sixty-Five

It’s time to get through the final stretch of Humphrey’s area. After presenting Humphrey with the Slimy Keycard, you’re transported downstairs into an area with a picnic basket and treats to heal the party. Mari isn’t there, but I suggest saving and making sure everyone is good to go because you’re in for a rough stretch.

Omori Game Guide - Medusa - Stop right there

After saving, continue north where you’ll encounter Sweetheart. She’s confronted by Molly, Marina, and Medusa, the three slime girls running experiments inside of Humphrey.

Omori Game Guide - Marina - Where do you think you are going

After their confrontation, Sweetheart storms off, as she’s done with all three Slime Girls, but this time, she leaves the debt for Omori and friends to pay.

Omori Game Guide - Molly - There is consultation fee initial fee setup fee inspection fee service fee
Omori Game Guide - Molly - So that brings the total charge to about 1000000 clams
So that brings the total charge to about… 1,000,000 CLAMS.

After calculating how much Sweetheart owes the Slime Girls, they come up with a total of 1,000,000 clams. Unless you’ve been grinding for days, you won’t have 1,000,000 clams at this point.

Omori Game Guide - Standing in front of the slime girls

The Slime Girls then grab Kel and threaten to kill him before he frees himself. That’s when Hero decides the only way out is by fighting.

Omori Game Guide - Slime Girls - What will OMORI do
What will OMORI do?

The battle between Omori’s group and the Slime Girls begins.

Omori Game Guide - Slime Girls - Omori Slashes Wildly

There is a mechanic to this fight, but it doesn’t come until you get the Slime Girls down to a certain HP. However, if you want to make quick work of this fight. Have an item ready like confetti to make the party happy. Alternatively, you can use Aubrey’s Team Spirit ability to make her friends happy. Have Kel use Annoy (or use an item) to make the Slime Girls angry.

Omori Game Guide - Slime Girls - It was a moving attack
…It was a moving attack!

With the party happy and the Slime Girls angry, you’ll be able to hit non-stop moving attacks while their attacks barely register.

Omori Game Guide - Medusa - Yes sister I think it is about time we switched things up

Once you get the Slime Girls down to a certain HP, they switch the party’s juice and hearts, so make sure you’re using Hero to keep everyone capped off.

Omori Game Guide - Hero Took 32 damage - Hero took 43 damage - Hero took 19 damage
HERO took 32 damage. HERO took 43 damage. HERO took 19 damage.

Also, make sure you make everyone happy. I couldn’t get Hero’s emotion changed as fast as I was doing damage, so he was taking normal damage from their multi-hit attacks. If I had changed his emotion to “happy,” he would take dull damage.

Omori Game Guide - Slime Girls - Omori slashes wildly it was a moving attack
OMORI slashes wildly! …It was a moving attack!

Continue the assault on the Slime Girls. Using multi-hit attacks are best.

Omori Game Guide - Aubrey headbutts Slime Girls

Have Aubrey use Headbutt to keep their defense down.

Omori Game Guide - Slime Girls throw everything they have

Once the Slime Girls get low HP, they’ll start using different concoctions at the party. One will drain the entire part of their juice.

Omori Game Guide - Kel lost 206 juice - hero lost 184 juice - Everyones attack fell

Another one lowers their stats.

Omori Game Guide - Everyones defense fell everyones speed fell it was a dull attack

It gets nail-biting near the end; you’ll want to possibly move Kel to a backup healing role by keeping everyone’s juice and hearts up along with Hero.

Omori Game Guide - Marina - You kids are a lot tougher that you look
MARINA: You kids… are a lot tougher than you look.

One of their final concoctions changes the party’s emotions. However, it’s not worth trying to get everyone back to happy. One more Hack Away from Omori at this point should take them out.

Omori Game Guide - Humphrey Yooooo-Hoooooooo
Omori Game Guide - Humphrey starts to rumble

Once you defeat the Slime Girls, Humphrey starts to rumble. Apparently, when Sweetheart didn’t pay up, his hunger was not satisfied. He claims to have killed Sweetheart off-camera before opening his mouth and consuming the Slime Girls.

Omori Game Guide - Humprey consumes the slime girls

Once you have control of the party again, Switch to Aubrey. You can’t go into any of the Slime Girl’s rooms; the only way you can go is down.

Omori Game Guide - Go down into the Slime Girls room

Smash your way through any Humphrey’s blocking your path.

Omori Game Guide - Humphrey - Wel it is a little late for that is not it
HUMPREY: Well, it’s a little too late for that, isn’t it?

Once you make it back, you can’t get to the save point. You’re surrounded by Humphreys.

Omori Game Guide - Humphrey - Time to feast Time to feast

The battle with Humphrey begins. First, you’re fighting off his taste buds (or what I assume are his taste buds).

Omori Game Guide - Humphrey - The final fight has just begun But can you win if we work as one
HUMPREY: The final fight has just begun! But can you win if we work as one?

I used my normal combination of making my party members happy and making Humphrey angry to make short work of them.

Omori Game Guide - Omori attacks Humphrey Grande
Omori Game Guide - Omori and friends come together and use their ultimate attack
OMORI and friends come together and use their ultimate attack!
Omori Game Guide - Humphrey - Just a warning - it is about to get smelly - it is time for you all to get in my belly

After taking out Humphrey Grande, it’s time to battle through Humphrey’s stomach.

Omori Game Guide - Aubrey took 49 damage Omori took 88 damage

When you’re devoured, you get hit with party-wide damage, so make sure Hero keeps everyone topped off.

Omori Game Guide - Kel annoys Humphrey - Humphrey feels angry

Just like before, make Humphrey angry so you can hit moving damage on him.

Omori Game Guide - Omori slashes wildly - It hit right in the heart

Omori’s Hack Away does wonders while you’re still building energy.

Omori Game Guide - Omori Hacks away

Every time you deal a certain amount of damage to Humphrey, you move deeper and deeper into his stomach.

Omori Game Guide - It was a dull attack Aubrey took 30 damage

However, if you keep his stomach angry while keeping the party happy, it shouldn’t do a lot of damage.

Omori Game Guide - Aubrey Headbutts Humphrey

Keep up the attack with Aubrey’s Headbutt, Omori’s Hack Away, and Kel’s Rebound. Keep Hero on healing duty.

Omori Game Guide - Hero - How will we get out of here if Humphrey keeps swallowing us

After the battle, you end up in Humphrey’s mouth, where you engage in the final battle with his uvula.

Omori Game Guide - What Will Aubrey and friends do
Omori Game Guide - Aubrey party was victorious You Gained 10000 Exp and You got 2000 clams

However, you should be able to take it out in one hit. This is when Humphrey is finally defeated.

Omori Game Guide - The Omori gang near Humphrey mouth
Omori Game Guide - Found key T and W

After Humphrey’s defeat, you’re shot out of the whale along with the T and W keys.

Omori Game Guide - There is a hole here - Go into the hole

The group will remember that they’re searching for something. They have long since forgotten Basil.

Omori Game Guide - There is a hole here - Go into the hole
There is a hole here. Go into the hole?

When you pick up the keys (make sure you’re on Omori), you’ll see more holes in the ground.

Omori Game Guide - Death Skull
Omori Game Guide - Black hole

Looking through each hole will give you ominous images.

Omori Game Guide - No matter how many times the path is concealed - the flower boy will always find it

After picking up the keys, go down the hole where Humphrey disappeared. You’ll enter a story area. Just follow the path where a voice will narrate every time you hit a certain point in the water.

Omori Game Guide - Swimming north

When you get to the end, you’ll see the same window you saw when Omori and Mari were swimming around the lighthouse area.

Omori Game Guide - Keep swiming north

After the window disappears, the SOMETHING creature appears on the wall.

Omori Game Guide - Hangman game

Clicking it will show you the hangman screen. I’m still missing two keys.

Omori Game Guide - Still missing two keys

After clicking on SOMETHING, you’ll be back in the Neighbor’s Room. If you need to get back to the Hangman page, you can click on the open shelf in the Neighbor’s Room; at this point, I’m going to grab the keys I don’t have.

Omori Game Guide - Back to Forest Playground to Mari's blanket

If you need to save, you can head down to the Forest Playground to Mari’s blanket.

Now turn to the next Omori walktrough part sixty-six

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