Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Six

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Six
Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Six

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It’s time to enter the Vast Forest in search of Basil. The forest is filled with all types of emotional creatures. Even with the blind playthrough and a second playthrough to write these walkthroughs for Omori, I’m still struggling a bit with the emotion system and the energy system in Omori. My strategy, so far, has been to simply beat up a monster until it dies. It hasn’t failed me yet.

Omori Video Game Vast Forest 001

Omori Video Game Calling Basil 002

Welcome to the Vast Forest, where Kel’s first thought is to yell into a forest of hostile creatures. How could Basil survive here on his own?

Omori Video Game Asking Hector 003

Omori Video Game Asking Hector 004

It’s okay; Kel has Hector, his pet rock, to throw into the forest to save the day. Unfortunately, even Hector’s lofty skills were not able to find Basil. It looks like we have to do this on foot.

Omori Video Game Jacks 005
You got JACKS!

Make sure you explore every inch of the forest. You’ll find fruits (what I assume are watermelons) with items inside them almost everywhere.

Omori Video Game Finding Melons 006

You don’t need to follow the roses (at least, what I presume are roses), as you’ll scour every inch of the forest anyway.

Omori Video Game Take Damage 007

Don’t do what I did in my video series and try to avoid the monsters. You might go into the next area severely under-leveled. Use this time fighting easy monsters to get used to the battle system. I still am having a hard time grasping it.

Omori Video Game Ladder 008

Eventually, you’ll come across a ladder similar to the one you saw East of the stump. You can’t climb this one, but it’s used to explain Omori’s fear of heights.

Omori Video Game Bridge 009

Keep heading East, where you’ll come across another key and a bridge connecting one part of the forest to another.

Omori Video Game Bridge North 010

If you follow the bridge north, you’ll enter an area with nothing of note except for seeing a dark figure on another wooden platform with another key. It looks like that area is accessible later. Hopefully, that’s when we’ll figure out who this dark figure is too.

Omori Video Game Wise Rock 012

Keep heading East back into the forest, and you’ll come across a tree covering with a wise rock.

Omori Video Game Wise Rock 2 013

We don’t know what the purpose of this rock is other than taking our clams and giving us horrible advice.

Omori Video Game Wise Rock 3 014

At least we get some motivational quotes from it.

Omori Video Game Wise Rock 4 015

Eventually, it gives you some hints you might want to use for the train station later.

Omori Video Game Wise Rock Penalty 016

For now, use the forest to do a bit of grinding while you make your way back to the playground.

It looks like the whole purpose of the field trip to the Vast Forest is to circle you back to the playground anyway.

We’ll cover a sidequest in the playground and make your way to the Otherworld in the next part – Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Seven.

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