Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Seventeen

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Seventeen
Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Seventeen

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After Rosa’s shocking revelation in the Junkyard, you find out you need to head back to Space Boyfriend’s residence to confront him and find out why he threw away his special mixtape. After riding Pluto’s big strong arms, learning a new ability, and recycling all the items you find in the Junkyard, it’s time to see what’s the deal with Space Boyfriend.

Omori Video Game Space Pirate Guy Missing Special Mixtape 001

Omori Video Game Aubrey Space Boyfriend Sweetheart Broke Up 002

The space pirates are excited when they see you’ve returned with the special mixtape. However, Aubrey breaks the news that a rumor could mean the special mixtape was not worth the trip.

Omori Video Game Space Pirate No Playing Special Mixtape 003

The space pirate guy realizes he might have to live a life of complete boredom forever, being only one of the few left of Space Boyfriend’s crew loyal to the former captain.

Omori Video Game Hero What Are You Doing 004

Omori Video Game Kel Wakey Wakey 005

However, it’s Kel’s insistence on using the power of annoyance to awaken Space Boyfriend.

Omori Video Game Space Boyfriend I Have Awakened 006

Omori Video Game Space Boyfriend Pretending To Be Sick 007

As we guessed, Space Boyfriend isn’t the most pleasant person. We even find out that he’s been pretending the whole time! However, despite him claiming he’s one of the strongest beings in the universe, there’s only one of him and four children with random weapons like a small knife or spatula, so we got this!

Omori Video Game Omori Stabs Space ExBoyfriend 008

The Space Ex-Boyfriend fight is relatively straightforward. The only thing you need to look out for is how much damage he does as he becomes angrier.

Omori Video Game Space ExBoyfriend No Longer Happy Or Sad 009

Neither Hero nor any items to reduce his anger work on Space Ex-Boyfriend.

Omori Video Game Space ExBoyfriend Became Furious 010

Eventually, Space Ex-Boyfriend becomes furious and starts to do party-wide damage. It’s important to have ways to bring people back from the dead (Life Jam to bring them back from the world of being toast), or else you won’t be able to unleash your powerful energy attack.

Omori Video Game Space ExBoyfriend What Happened 011

Omori Video Game I Am Captain Spaceboy 012

Omori Video Game Captain Spaceboy I See 013

After you defeat Space Ex-Boyfriend, he reverts back into Captain Spaceboy and tells you that you basically beat the angry side out of him.

Omori Video Game Captain Spaceboy Frozen Lake SnoCones 014

Omori Video Game You Got SnoCones Ticket 015

Omori Video Game You Got A Train Pass 016

Now with a passive Captain Spaceboy, you inquire about Basil. Unfortunately, he knows nothing about him, which is weird, because he claimed to be the most powerful in the universe, so he should know everything there is, right? It’s like, “Oh, you’re an anime fan? Name every anime ever then!” We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say his “angry side” just vastly overestimated his abilities. Regardless, he’s nice now, so he hands you a train pass and a sno-cone ticket.

Omori Video Game Bond Between Friends Stronger 017

You’ll also see a screen that shows everyone’s follow-up moves improved.

Omori Video Game Captain Spaceboy Pillow Glowing 018

If you look closely at Captain Spaceboy’s pillow, you’ll notice it has something glowing under it.

Omori Video Game Captain Spaceboy Pillow 019

Omori Video Game 9 Keys Left 020

Click it to find one of the E key under the “wet pillow,” which leaves you nine letters to go for the hangman game in white space.

Omori Video Game Found Key Under Wet Pillow 021

Now to continue to search for Basil in the next part; Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Eighteen

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