Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Fourteen

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Fourteen

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After mourning the loss of the time we wasted on Mr. Scarethrow, we’ll make our way through the rest of the Junkyard by exploring a container maze, watching an entire block of cheese disappear, and getting stuck on 99% download.

Omori Video Game Exploring Containers 001

Omori Video Game Got Binoculars 002
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got Binoculars!

After getting the Mr. Scarethrow achievement, you’ll find yourself on a container of mazes with a couch at the top. Make sure you’re exploring every inch of the inside of the containers for different items. You’ll never know what you’ll come across.

Omori Video Game Climbing Containers 003

Omori Video Game Want To Sit 004

After you get to the top of the container maze, you’ll find a couch that Omori and his friends can sit on to stare at the moon. Apparently, the Otherworld isn’t the moon, but another world closer to the moon accessible via a ladder.

Omori Video Game Enough Food No Atmosphere 005
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – There’s Great Food, But No Atmosphere.

Omori Video Game Joke Book 006

After sitting on the couch, you can select the joke board nearby that will tell you a terrible joke, while also insinuating the existence of a Joke Book. Store that in the back of your memory while making your way back down the container maze.

Omori Video Game More Exploring Containers 007

Omori Video Game More Looking For A Letter 008

You’ll see a letter on the side. However, if your party leader is Aubrey (which it should be, as you needed her to break the barrier leading to the letter) you’ll notice the letter is transparent. Switch back to Omori to pick up the letter.

Omori Video Game Need Look For A Letter 010

After you’re finished picking up the letter, make your way south towards the wooden gate.

Omori Video Game JunkYard Entrance Blocked 011

Omori Video Game JunkYard Aubrey Can No Smash 012

You’ll come across a lot with a lot of cars and a block of cheese blocking the way. Aubrey attempts to smash it with her bat to no avail. It’s not like they can just scooch around it, right? No, that would be too easy.

Omori Video Game JunkYard Eat Cheese 013

Omori Video Game JunkYard Tag Me Hero 014

Both Kel and Hero have an idea to move the cheese. However, tagging Hero shows off another one of his abilities: a hamster that can eat anything.

Omori Video Game JunkYard Aubrey Tagged Hero 015
Omori Video Game JunkYard EMS Hamster 016

Omori Video Game JunkYard Emily The Hamster 017

Omori Video Game JunkYard Emily The Hamster Eating Cheese 017

Hero calls a hamster named Emily, otherwise known as EMS, down as you’re forced to watch a tiny hamster consume an entire block of cheese.

Omori Video Game JunkYard Saw A Sprout Mole 019

However, you’re not the only one flabbergasted at what you just saw. A mysterious sprout mole simply wants to wash her eyeballs of the experience and walk off but this won’t be the last time you see her.

Omori Video Game JunkYard Surprised 020

Omori Video Game JunkYard Special Mixedtape belongs to me 021

Omori Video Game JunkYard Special Mixedtape Smels Funny 022

After following this sprout mole, you’ll discover that she is also looking for Space Boyfriend’s special mixtape.

Omori Video Game JunkYard Special Mixedtape Valuable 023

After Key and Aubrey have a private conversation amongst themselves that Rosa picks up, she begins to flee.

Omori Video Game JunkYard Savage Behavior 024

After your party scares the poor little Sprout mole. She starts to run, kicking off an epic foot chase through the Junkyard.

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