Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Four

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Four

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After taking a small break from Omori because the previous scene was a little too much for me, I picked up where I left off in Omori. I had to because there wasn’t a save point from the second white space and the point where you name the boy’s character who looks like Omori, but in reality. This is still the prologue, so I spent most of this time confused. Is this a dream? Is this real-life? Is it just fantasy?

Who knows? But let’s play anyway.

Omori Video Game Moms Voice Mail 001

In the video playthrough series, the one I play first as a dry run through the game, I named my character Bryan. However, in the written playthrough, the character’s name is Jason. I’m finding a lot of things in the written playthrough that I didn’t cover in the video guide. However, I enjoy the video guide because I feel my reactions are more genuine when I do a completely blind dry run through the game.

Omori Video Game Main Character 002

Omori Video Game Dialogue Hungry 003

After you get out of bed and do a little exploring through the second floor of the home, which consists of a bathroom and your mother’s room (with a save point), you approach the stairs. However, your anxiety forces you to go back to the room where you attempt to sleep.

Omori Video Game Dialogue Still Hungry 004

Unfortunately, your hunger gets the best of you, and you’d rather risk going down the stairs into the darkness to fill your stomach.

Omori Video Game Red Light 005

When you walk out of the room you’ll notice an ominous red light coming from the outside. That’s when your only option now is to move down the stairs.

Omori Video Game Stairs 006

Omori Video Game Stairs Knife 007

You’ll see shadowy hands surround your character. I’m assuming these are the manifestations of the player’s anxiety.

Omori Video Game Chasing Hand Stairs 008

After grabbing a knife on the stairs (why is there a sharp knife on a stairway? Doesn’t seem very safe) you’ll see a photorealistic hand start chasing you. There’s no way to run from it. Once it catches you, you enter a predetermined boss battle.

Omori Video Game Emotions Fight Or Run 009

You will take a couple of hits while being able to damage this nightmarish boss. However, after a certain point, you’ll learn to calm your nerves.

Omori Video Game Still Afraid Emotions 010

Omori Video Game Emotions Calm Down 011

Once you calm yourself down, the boss battle will end, and you’ll find yourself at the bottom of the stairs. Exit through the door to the South and make your way towards the kitchen.

Omori Video Game Looking In The Fridge 012

Omori Video Game Looking In The Fridge Still 013

Omori Video Game Microwave Steak 014

It’s obvious what you should do in the kitchen because you have finger markers pointing at what you need to do. You pick up a cold steak from the fridge and bring it to the microwave to satisfy your stomach. We’re not sure how the microwave (or even the fridge) is even working without electricity, but we just went with it.

Omori Video Game Kitchen 015

Omori Video Game Stomach Upset 016

After you’re done eating the steak, you’ll need to make your way back upstairs to lay down. However, you’ll hear a heavy knocking at the door.

Omori Video Game Open Door Mari 017

Omori Video Game Open Door Action 018

The knocking is somewhat obvious, and it’s even more ominous when you find out it’s Mari at the door (or somewhat claiming to be Mari). Once you open the door. You’ll get a good jump scare.

Omori Video Game Open Door Afraid 019

After creaking the door open, you’ll get a bit of a jump, so be prepared for that. Once your heart rate goes back down in real life, head upstairs. If you want to creep yourself out a little more, go to the mirror in the bathroom and look in its reflection.

Omori Video Game Go To Sleep 020

Once you’re done creeping yourself out in the house, click on the bed in the player’s room and go to sleep.

To continue – Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Five

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