Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Forty-Two

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Forty-Two

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After the boss fight at the end of the Pyrefly Forest, I ran all the way back through the bodies of fallen sprout moles to reach Mari’s blanket. I kind of wish I didn’t.

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Sproutmole Village
Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Mari These Sprout Moles Are Such Funny Little Creatures

When you run back to where you defeated the boss, and continue going north, you’ll see a ladder. Go down the ladder, and Mari will be standing right here with a save point. Serves me right for not going forward. I just wanted to make sure. It looks like it’ll be another one of those side-scroller-type underground areas like the one in the Otherworld. Maybe this was where the sprout moles underground in the Otherworld said the rest of the colony went? (I mean, obviously).

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Sprout Mole Are You Here To See Sweethearts Quest For Hearts

You’ll see a ticket counter to the left, where you’re insulted until Aubrey reveals that you’re the holders of the front row show tickets.

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Sproutmole Village Front Row Tickets

Make your way up the ladder and in through the ornate door.

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Sprout Mole Mike Ye Old Sprout
Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Sprout Mole Mike He Was Truly The Father
Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Sprout Mole Mike May He Rest In Peace

Depending on how morbid you are, the show starts off with an in memoriam of Ye Old Sprout. Couldn’t have been us.

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Sprout Mole Mike His Favorite Color Combination

Sprout Mole Mike will then parade two sprout moles on stage as potential suitors for Sweetheart.

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Sprout Mole Mike Give It Up For Snaley

The third one is one you’ll know all too well.

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay The end Of Snaley

Fortunately, a power outage sends a lighting bolt down to finally end Snaley’s existence and give us some form of closure.

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Sprout Mole Help
Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Hero Blackout Affected All Of Sprout Mole Village

Unfortunately, the power outage doesn’t just affect the show, but all of Sprout Mole Village.

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Egg Cellent Your Recorded The Joke In Your Joke Book
You recorded the joke in your joke book

This is where you’ll get to explore Sprout Mole Village a bit. You’ll find a joke board if you start heading down the ladder to the right of Mari.

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Swish Swish Swish

You’re going to see some weird things, but just click on it anyway.

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Fall Mole Fall Is The Best Season
Omori Walkthrough Gameplay You Got Rake
You got Rake!

You’ll run into some sprout moles that represent the different seasons.

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Summer Mole You will Receive No Gifts From Me

Make sure you pick your favorite season because only one of them will give you an item.

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay This Wire Is Not Plugged Into The Outlet

As you head south, you’ll see an area full of sprout moles on treadmills. Apparently, they’re trying to power the whole village. Unfortunately, they don’t see the obvious answer behind them: the wire just isn’t plugged in. Plug it in, and Sprout Mole Village will have power again.

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Do You Want To Cut The Christmas Tree

As you’re moving around, make sure you click on everything. Cutting down this Christmas tree will get you an achievement (and make you feel like a horrible person)

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay King Carnivore

As you continue south, you’ll run into one of the toughest bosses we’ve faced so far: the King Carnivore.

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Omori Slashes Wildly
Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Omori Party Was Victorious

Take out the vines (as they heal each other and the King himself), and it should be a rather straightforward fight. Make sure you’re managing your emotions. This is not one you’ll want to just hit “attack” for.

Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Green Melons
Omori Walkthrough Gameplay You Got Life Jam
You got LIFE JAM!

Considering the number of items we used during that fight, it almost didn’t seem worth it. It did give it a lot of experience, though.

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