Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Forty-Three

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Forty-Three

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Now that we have the power back on and have explored the Sprout Mole Colony, it’s time to resume Sweetheart’s Quest For Hearts.

Omori Game Wiki Brother Mole My Brother Lives In The Sprout Mole Colony In Otherworld
Omori Game Wiki Brother Mole I want To Send Him A Care Package

As you’re heading back up, you’ll see a side-quest from one of the sprout moles. Pick it up. Brother Mole will give you a care package to deliver back to the Otherworld. You’ll need to go there anyway if you haven’t picked up the joke boards from there yet.

Omori Game Wiki waiting For The Show
Omori Game Wiki Moustache Mole I Am In Need Of A Handsome Gentleman

Head back to the large ornate door where the show is. A suspicious-looking mustache mole will approach the group, looking for a handsome gentleman. Hero will reluctantly volunteer.

Omori Game Wiki Are You Ready To Take Your Front Row Seats

There’s nothing much to do here except to head back to your front row seats and prepare for the show.

Omori Game Wiki Sprout Mole Mike We All remember Him Fondly

They’ll pay respects to Snaly in the same way they paid respects to Ye Old Sprout. Fortunately, we don’t feel bad about this loss.

Omori Game Wiki Sweetheart Send Him Off To The Dungeon
Omori Game Wiki Contestant 1 Help Me

Once the show commences, it’s obvious Sweetheart is not the best person. She seems very entitled and stuck up. She found issues with the first two contestants and had them thrown into the dungeon for no reason.

Omori Game Wiki Hero I Am Sorry Sweetheart
Omori Game Wiki Sweetheart You Dare Reject Sweetheart
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – Sweetheart You Dare Reject Sweetheart!?!?
Omori Game wiki Sweetheart Send Him Off To The Dungeon Now
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – Sweetheart Send Him Off To The Dungeon!!

Because Hero is such a charming guy, Sweetheart immediately fancies him. However, Hero wants nothing to do with her. After driving the point home that he doesn’t want her, she becomes enraged and has him and the party thrown into the dungeon.

Omori Game Wiki Kel Now We Are All Stuck In The Dungeon
Omori Game Wiki Rosa It Is Me Rosa
Omori Game Wiki Rosa I Told You That You Had All Pay For Crossing Me

After getting thrown into the dungeon, you find out the mustache mole was Rosa in disguise! If you remember, Rosa was the mole we stole Space Boyfriend’s special mixtape from.

Omori Game Wiki How To Escape The Dungeon

After Rosa leaves, the group talks about how they would escape the dungeon. However, in true Omori fashion, the door was simply unlocked after a comment was made about how the door wouldn’t simply be unlocked, would it?

Omori Game Wiki What Will Omori Do

There are guards patrolling the dungeon. They have very silly generic names like Harold” and “Marsha.” They also die after one volley, but use Omori’s “attack again” follow-up to make sure they don’t have a chance to attack.

Omori Game Wiki You Got Ramen
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got Ramen!
Omori Game Wiki You Tagged Kel

As you explore, you’ll find more toilet ramen. Pick it up, reluctantly. You will also see heart-shaped buttons everywhere. The first one you run into, you need Kel to throw from a platform, so tag him in.

Omori Game Wiki Open Door To Space Boyfriends Ship

This opens a door that is a creepy recreation of the inside of Space Boyfriend’s ship. There’s nothing to do in here (that we know of) other than wonder who this belongs to.

Omori Game Wiki Walking Around In The Dungeon
Omori Game Wiki In Dungeon Look At A Heart
Omori Game Wiki In Dungeon Looking At Skelet

You’ll eventually come across a button that grants you access to the dungeon where the other two contestants are held. There will also be a trap door there.

Omori Game Wiki In The Dungeon Looking At Escaped Mole

Going down will lead you to an area where an escaped mole is blocking another button. There’s no moving this mole, so switch to Kel and hit a button a little to the north.

Omori Game Wiki Mari Help Us We are Stuck In The Dungeon
Omori Game Wiki Mari There You Go

This opens the tunnel where you can head towards Mari’s blanket. When you approach her blanket, she’ll press a button for you so you can save. If only we had her odd teleporting ability where she can picnic anywhere she wants, even in secret underground dungeon escape routes.

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