Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Forty-Six

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Forty-Six
Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Forty-Six

After going down one wing of Sweetheart’s Castle, it’s time to go the other direction. This is a large castle.

Omori Game Guide Sir Maximus Stop Imposters
Omori Game Guide Sir Maximus Harolds And Marshas

However, if you try leaving the left side of the castle, you’ll encounter Sir Maximus, a sprout mole who believes he is built differently.

Omori Game Guide Omori Stabs Sir Maximus

You get a cool cutscene where you think you’re about to fight a brave knight. However, this fight is relatively simple. Having Omori unleash his “Sad and Stab” combo should be enough to finish him off.

Omori Game Guide Sir Maximus Uses His Ultimate Attack

He tries to unleash his “ultimate attack,” which doesn’t really do anything because he gets sad about losing (and I made Aubrey and Kel angry, so the attack was dull anyway).

Omori Game Guide Aubrey Party Was Victorious

Finishing him off gets you some decent experience and clams.

Omori Game Guide Walking On Red Carpet
Omori Game Guide Walking On Red Carpet Pluto In The Middle

Head to the right hallway (downstairs) and you’ll come across a familiar NPC who is clearly hiding out in the open. He flies away and through the roof when he sees you.

Omori Game Guide Walking North
Omori Game Guide Virtuosa Mole You Call This Singing

Enter the room to the north to come across a large music room.

Omori Game Guide A Strawberry Cake That Smells Like The Ocean
Omori Game Guide You Got Jam Packets
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got Jam Packets!

If you go to the cake on the right and take a bite, it transports you underwater (for some reason), where you break a watermelon to grab some jam packets. These will come in handy for future boss battles.

Omori Game Guide You Got Fries
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got Fries!

You’ll also find two watermelons on both sides of the room. They give some decent healing items.

Omori Game Guide The Sound A Drum Makes
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – That’s The Sound A Drum Makes.

You can click on the drum to hear an interesting sound. Side note: it is definitely not the sound a drum makes.

Omori Game Guide Kel A Piece Of Cake
Omori Game Guide Head Back To The Virtuoso Mole

Head back to the Virtuoso Mole, who struggles to keep the sprout moles in the choir awake. Kel offers to help and you engage in a mini-game where you throw tomatoes at sleeping sprout moles. You have to be quick on your feet. Every time you see a sprout mole fall asleep, run to the basket in its column and throw the tomatoes.

Omori Game Guide Enough Time For One More Session

You do this three times before the Virtuoso Mole decides the choir is ready (you don’t really get an award for doing this).

Omori Game Guide Dancing Mole
Omori Game Guide Dancing Mole Dancing

Head back out, but before you do, you’ll notice the ballroom now has dancing sprout moles. However, one is alone. Offer to dance with it, and it will heal up your party.

Omori Game Guide Heading Upstairs After Dancing

Now it’s time to head upstairs. Go back down the hallway to the left and up the stairs. You’ll then go down the hallway to the right.

Omori Game Guide Head Chef Mole I Announce My Retirement
Omori Game Guide Sous Chef Mole Meet Me In The Kitchen

At the end of the hall is a kitchen area where a chef mole is retiring. One of his sous chefs volunteers to take over and demands you meet him in the kitchen. This kicks off another yet another mini-game. It’s a trend now in Sweetheart’s castle. Every room you go in will have something for you to do.

Omori Game Guide Preheat The Oven

First, he will tell you to heat the oven to 75 degrees. That’s not enough to bake a cake; I don’t even think some ovens even go that low.

Omori Game Guide Sous Chef Mole Flowers An Ping Pong Balls

He will then tell you to mix flowers and ping pong balls into the first bowl. I was confused at first, but I assumed he meant eggs and flour (after I foolishly ran around looking for ping pong balls)

Omori Game Guide Kel Learned Juice Me
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – Kel Learned Juice Me!

Note: if you click on the watermelon, you will get a Coconut for Kel. Kel also learns the ability to “Juice Me,” which gives a party member some juice in exchange for some hearts.

Omori Game Guide Sous Chef Mole Salt And Cheese

The sous chef mole then tells you to get salt and cheese. From what I’m assuming, he has no idea what he’s doing, so I figured he meant butter and sugar.

Omori Game Guide Sous Chef Mole Grab The Sauce
Omori Game Guide Sous Chef Mole Magnificient

Now, this last one was difficult. I should have known he implies strawberries because he said to “cut” something, but I went for the juice instead. I don’t know what I did; you can’t “cut” juice. I’m assuming I did it completely wrong because I’m not exactly sure what I created. You then take all the ingredients you made and mix them into a better before putting it in the “microwave.”

Omori Game Guide You Baked A Cake
Omori Game Guide Sous Chef Mole Awh

When the sous chef mole goes to taste your creation. He dies (apparently).

Omori Game Guide Sous Chef Mole Good Riddance
Omori Game Guide Sous Chef Mole Preheat Oven Second
Omori Game Guide Sous Chef Mole Flour And Eggs
Omori Game Guide Sous Chef Mole That Is How You Bake A Cake

He’s then replaced by a more competent sous chef mole who helps you create the actual cake.

Omori Game Guide Baking A Real Cake

Once you’re done, you can head to the door under the picture of sweetheart to the left.

Omori Game Guide Looks Like A Job For Aubrey
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – This Looks Like A Job For Aubrey!

You’ll enter an area that looks like it’s the living quarters for the sprout moles. Run around and talk to the different sprout moles for some fun interactions. However, the main note here is the F key in the cage. Switch to Aubrey, break the cage open, switch back to Omori, and grab the F key.

Omori Game Guide Mari Picnic

The second room to the left after you enter is a save room with Mari’s blanket. Finally, after two wings of exploring this large castle and doing the bidding of the sprout moles, you can save.

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