Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Forty-Seven

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Forty-Seven

Once you pick up the F key and save in the sprout mole quarters, it’s time to make your way to the left side of the castle upstairs.

Omori Game Guide Sir Maximus II Stop Imposters
Omori Game Guide Sir Maximus II Warrior Of Legend Sir Maximus
Omori Game Guide Sir Maximus I Will Be Virtorious

However, who is there to stop you? None other than the son of Sir Maximus, Sir Maximus II. He will call upon the spirit of his father to give Omori a slight challenge (if you’re not prepared).

Omori Game Guide Hero Attacks Sir Maximus II 35 Damage
Omori Game Guide Sir Maximus II Remember His Father Dying Words

I started with multi-hit attacks from Omori and Kel to bring him down to the point where he makes himself sad after remembering his father’s dying words.

Omori Game Guide Omori Slashes Wildly

This is the perfect time to make Omori angry to do multi-hit moving attacks to take him down quickly.

Omori Game Guide Sir Maximus II Uses His Father Ultimate Attack
Omori Game Guide Omori Took 39 Damage Kel Took 61 Damage

No matter how much damage you do, he’s still going to hit his ultimate attack, so be ready for some heals.

Omori Game Guide Walking West On Red Carpet
Omori Game Guide Waiting For The Door In Castle
Omori Game Guide Where Do You Want To Go The Chambers

Head to the left side of the castle now through the door. You’ll enter a hallway with patrolling guards you can ignore (or kill if you want experience). Take the elevator up to Sweetheart’s chambers.

Omori Game Guide Castella Sweetheart Orders Me To Move This Statue
Omori Game Guide Statue Smashed Into Bitty Pieces

You’ll run into a single sprout mole named Castella. She asks for help removing the Space Boyfriend status from Sweetheart’s room because she doesn’t know how to.

Omori Game Guide Castella Aubrey Very Strange Name For A Sprout Mole
Omori Game Guide Aubrey At Statue

After Kel suggests Aubrey do it, she smashes it so Castella can clean it up.

Omori Game Guide Statue Smashed By Aubrey
Omori Game Guide Castellas This Is A Surprise

She then remembers that moving statues is as easy as lifting from the bottom. This could have been easily avoided.

Omori Game Guide Bedroom

On the right side of the room are some pumpkins for you to smash for some items. You can also read the poetry book on the table if you want to waste some time.

Omori Game Guide Bedroom With Large Pink Bed
Omori Game Guide Body Pillow

You’ll notice the bed is shining. That means you can interact with it. This rests up your party and gives Aubrey a new weapon that increases her attack and heart.

Omori Game Guide Strawberry Cake That Smells Like Rosemary
Omori Game Guide You Got Jam Packets
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got Jam Packets!

There’s a cake on the left side of the room (similar to the one in the music room). Take a bite to get transported to an area where you can pick up more jam packets.

Omori Game Guide You Got Teapot
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got Teapot!
Omori Game Guide Hero Learned Tea Time
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – Hero Learned Tea Time!
Omori Game Guide Teapot

Walk outside the room to the left, and you’ll see a blue watermelon. You’ll receive another weapon for Hero that increases his juice at the cost of some heart. It’s worth it for him since he’s the healer. Tea time increases a single friend’s heart and juice.

Omori Game Guide Sir Maximus II Stop Imposters You Are Not Sprout Moles

Now it’s time to step out, back down the elevator, and back into the main entrance of the castle. However, you’re stopped once more by another boss: Sir Maximus III (hopefully, this is the last one).

Omori Game Guide Stepped Out Of The Elevator
Omori Game Guide Kel Runs Around And Annoys Everyone

After a short (ridiculous) scene, the battle begins. He starts off happy, so I had Omori make him sad, and use Kel’s megaphone ability to make everyone angry.

Omori Game Guide Omori Slashes Wildly It Was A Moving Attack 143

With everyone angry, I made short work of Sir Maximus III.

Omori Game Guide Sir Maximus III Took 131 Damage
Omori Game Guide sir Maximus III USes His Grandfathers Ultimate Attack
Omori Game Guide Kel Took 32 Damage

Keep in mind, he still pulls out his ultimate attack, but it does dull damage to everyone because they’re all angry.

Omori Game Guide Hero It Seem Quieter All Of A Sudden

After the battle, the group realizes the entrance is now clear of the sprout moles.

Omori Game Guide Go Outside

Finally, it’s time to head outside.

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