Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Forty-Nine

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Forty-Nine

It’s time to head to the other side of Sweetheart’s Garden to figure out where all the sprout moles went and how Omori and friends can escape.

Oori Game Guide What Will Omori And Friends Do

I went from the bottom left to the bottom right hedge maze. However, along the way, I ran into a distressed-looking horse I thought was an NPC. It ended up being two sprout moles in separate parts of a horse costume. Defeat the butt first because it does the most gluteus damage. I know bad pun.

Omori Game Guide Sprout Moles As Guards
Omori Game Guide Go Down The Vines

After defeating the horse, go down to the vines. If you click on the vines themselves, you’ll see nothing beyond them. When you talk to the surrounding sprout moles, they only tell you the vines keep regrowing and that they’re not cutting fast enough.

Omori Game Guide Hedge Maze Searching For A Password

Now, continue to the bottom-right hedge maze. You might think it’s as easy as turning right and going to the platform to reach the sprout mole with the password. However, if you look closely, there’s a Sweetheart laser in the way.

Omori Game Guide There Is a Indent In The Ground

I made my way to the platform to the south and noticed an indent in the ground.

Omori Game Guide Indent Turned Into Something Purple

After clicking on it, I came across a trap door.

Omori Game Guide Indent Is A Trap Door

When I went into the trap door, I was horrified to see a room full of those bears that wrecked my face out in the Pyrefly Forest.

Omori Game Guide A Room Full Of Bears

I saw a button to the left. My powers of deduction told me the only thing that could possibly happen was the bears would release.

Omori Game Guide Are You Absolutly Sure
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – Are You Absolutely Sure?

If a game asks you if you’re absolutely sure, you should probably think twice, but for some reason, I thought, “maybe they’ll be grateful I let them out and let me get to the items inside.” I was sorely mistaken.

Omori Game Guide Surrounded By Bears

I was absolutely surrounded by bears. There was nothing I could do as I faced them one by one.

Omori Game Guide Kel Uses Sparkler Rare Bear Feels Happy
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – Kel Uses Sparkler!

The first bear, I figured I could make the bear happy and make everyone else sad with Omori’s sad poem, so we take less damage while doing moving attacks on the bear.

Omori Game Guide Rare Bear Lets Out A Huge Roar And Feels Angry

Unfortunately, the rare bear has the ability to make itself angry again, so that wasn’t worth it.

Omori Game Guide Rare Bear Slashes At Kel Dull Attack 80 Damage
Omori Game Guide Rare Bear Defense Fell Moving Attack 159 Damage

I used a sparkler to make everyone else happy so we could make short work of the bear. However, that was only one of the many bears I would fight for the next half hour.

Omori Game Guide It Hit Right In The Heart 113 Damage

It also started to get a little rough after the third bear. I ran out of items to make everyone happy and Aubrey’s “Pep Talk” meant I could only realistically make Omori happy so he can throw out damage with hack and slash while everyone else was on support.

Omori Game Guide Omori Slashes Widly

While hack and slash was making short work of the rare bears, I didn’t have time to wait for only Omori to do damage.

Omori Game Guide Team Spirit Makes Aubrey And A Friend Happy

Fortunately, I found a split second between the bears’ assault to open the menu. I replaced Aubrey’s Pep Talk with Team Spirit. This makes both Aubrey and a friend happy. This also meant I could open with Team Spirit, make Aubrey and Omori happy, and unleash with both Power Hit and Hack and Slash.

Omori Game Guide Aubrey Smashes Rare Bear

This strategy worked perfectly. I took Kel out of the damage lineup (unless I knew I could survive a hit or two from an angry rare bear) and had him keep the rest of the party juiced. Hero was strictly on healing.

Omori Game Guide What Will Omori And Friends Do Bear

After a couple more rare bears, I decided to stack Team Spirit, making both Aubrey and Omori Ecstatic (I thought of using a third turn to increase the happiness level to “Manic,” but it wasn’t worth wasting a turn to do that).

Omori Game Guide Omori Slashes Wildly 147 129 106

When they’re ecstatic, they lose more accuracy, but they do more damage. It was worth pairing Aubrey’s power hit with Omori’s Hack and Slash.

Omori Game Guide You Got Fox Tail
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got Fox Tail!
Omori Game Guide You Got Jack
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got Jack!

With the rare bears finally down, I went through all of the items.

Omori Game Guide A Real Fox Tail
Omori Game Guide Please Call Me Jack

You get a Fox Tail and a Jack. The Jack is Kel’s weapon that increases his attack but lowers his juice and luck. Honestly, it didn’t look like it was worth it, especially when you need a lot of juice for some of Kel’s abilities.

Omori Game Guide Back In The Underground Dungeon

After stepping out of the underground dungeon, I wondered to myself if they would respawn if I left and came back into the area. When I climbed back down the ladder, I saw they were all there again. Naturally, I left, but I might think about heading back in to grind on the rare bears if I need to boost my levels a bit.

Omori Game Guide Back In Sweethearts MazeOmori Game Guide Back In Sweethearts Maze

After leaving the rare bear dungeon, switch to Kel (if you haven’t already), and take out the Sweetheart laser to the right.

Omori Game Guide Platform Which Direction Sweethearts Laser

Head there and take out the Sweetheart last to the left. Then press the heart to lower the spikes. This gives you access to the green watermelon item to the left and Helen The Calamitous.

Omori Game Guide Helen The Calamitous Super Secret Password

Helen tells you that all she can think about is food. She also holds the fourth password.

Omori Game Guide Helen The Calamitous Ask Me To Marry
Omori Game Guide Helen The Calamitous Password Is Donut

She’s reluctant to give you the password but accidentally gives it away during her rant.

Omori Game Guide Mari Pinic Basket
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – Mari’s Picnic Basket.

After getting the fourth password “DONUT,” I decided to run back across to Mari’s picnic blanket underground so I can save after that hellacious rare bear assault.

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