Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Forty-Five

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Forty-Five
Omori Game Guide Sweetheart Castle
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – Sweetheart’s Castle.

Welcome to Sweetheart’s Castle. You’re not exactly in the clear yet. You must make your way through Sweetheart’s seemingly massive castle.

Omori Game Guide Hero I Think You Have Mistaken Us For Someone Else

Hero, quick on his feet, puts on a sprout mole mask, and charms the guard.

Omori Game Guide Hero We Are Sprout Moles
Omori Game Guide Aubrey I Am Also A Lover Of Tofu
Omori Game Guide Aubrey With These Sprout Masks

Everyone else has the same idea. While this does allow you to wander the castle without raising suspicion, you’re still able to engage in battle with the guards by running into them.

Omori Game Guide You Got 30 Clams
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got 30 Clams.

Again, have Aubrey as your party leader so you can smash vases along the way. They will give some clams, so they’re worth taking the time to break.

Omori Game Guide Sprout Moles Are Blocking The Way

If you head south towards the exit, you’ll see a crowd blocks it of sprout moles. It’s best to check elsewhere for now.

Omori Game Guide 4 Sprout Moles In A Row
Omori Game Guide Maid Mole Welcome To The Royal Gallery
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – Welcome To The Royal Gallery!

If you head to the left (from downstairs) past the patrolling sprout moles, you’ll enter The Royal Gallery. There are a couple of things to note here.

Omori Game Guide Princess Ghost Looks Around Aimlessly

Princess Ghost in the middle of the gallery.

Omori Game Guide Key K

The K key in the back near the painting (you’ll have to switch to Omori for this). You can talk to the citizens of Orange oasis who are touring the gallery, but there’s nothing else here.

Omori Game Guide Leaving The Gallery

Head back out of The Royal Gallery and head south.

Omori Game Guide Lucius Party Rolls Initiative

Be careful running into the guards here. They will pull out D&D references on you. If you lose the initiative roll, your party’s speed lowers. However, if they lose it, their speed lowers. I wouldn’t avoid the guards completely. They give decent experience, and you want to make sure you stay leveled.

Omori Game Guide Stairs

This hallway has so many different directions you can take, but start by going to the right.

Omori Game Guide Found Spirit All Alone

It brings you into another dungeon-like area with no enemies in it. Go all the way down the stairs and sprint across the hallways until you come to a strange-looking spirit alone in a room.

Omori Game Guide Keeper Of The Castle
Omori Game Guide Keeper Of The Castle A Place To Return To
Omori Game Guide Keeper Of The Castle At That Time Return To Me

It goes a little into Sweetheart’s backstory and implies Omori should come back later when it’s time to choose his path.

Omori Game Guide Leaving The Castle
Omori Game Guide Sweetheart Tea And Crumpets

Head back up and follow the hallway to the left. You’ll see a room to the south. Enter it, and you’ll enter an ornate movie theater. There are treats for Omori and friends to use.

Maybe spend some time grinding outside in the hallway and recharging in here.

Omori Game Guide Grinding In The Hallway

You’ll see another interactive point where you can watch a movie with your friends.

Omori Game Guide Sweetheart Dancing Movie

It’s honestly the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. It’s a crude drawing of what I assume is Sweetheart dancing around. I’m not sure why I watched about ten minutes of it, thinking there would be some kind of achievement. Unfortunately, I didn’t get anything and want that ten minutes of my life back.

Omori Game Guide PopCorn Girl It Is Popcorn

There’s a popcorn girl walking around. I suggest investing in some popcorn as you’ll probably need some for a future boss fight where you’re taking some damage. If you head out the door you came from, you’ll see another door to the left. Don’t worry about going there; it just leads back into the theater.

Omori Game Guide Sweetheart Theatre

Head to the left through the black door. You’ll enter a large room with a line of sprout moles.

Omori Game Guide Big Sign Good Or Bad

Head to the top (you can pass the sprout moles) and talk to the sprout mole at the desk. Don’t worry about talking to each individual sprout mole. They all say the same thing. He gives you a small mini-game where you have to pick the “bad” sprout moles out from the crowd and have them follow you.

Omori Game Guide Pink Mole How Dare They Make Me Wait

Only Hero can make the off-colored (not pink) sprout moles follow

Omori Game Guide Guest List Mole Guards

Unfortunately, you find out that they’re being collected to get thrown into the dungeon. You basically snitched on them for not dressing right.

Omori Game Guide You Got Poetry Book
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got Poetry Book!

With the guards gone escorting the sprout moles to the dungeon, you can climb a ladder at the bottom of the stairs to grab a poetry book.

Omori Game Guide Sweetheart Tea And Crumpets

I suggest running back into the theater and grabbing the tea and crumpets to heal before moving to the other side of Sweetheart’s castle.

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