Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Forty-Eight

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Forty-Eight
Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Forty-Eight

Now that the sprout moles aren’t annoyingly in the way, Omori and friends can continue their escape from the grips of Sweetheart’s Castle.

Omori Game Guide Sweethearts Castle
Omori Game Guide Hero There Must Be A Hidden Exit Somewhere

The sprout moles spill out of the entrance only to mysteriously disappear from sight. They must have gone somewhere, but where could they be?

Omori Game Guide Sweet Hearts Castle Garden

The first thing you notice is a large Sweetheart statue in the middle of a garden.

Omori Game Guide Impressive Statue What Is The Password
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – Impressive Statue What’s The Password?

Clicking on it will ask you what the password is. Clearly, this is the direction the sprout moles went, but they knew something Omori and friends didn’t.

Omori Game Guide Sweethearts Statue Wrong Password Explodes

Since it was clear I needed to explore the area before knowing what the password was, I made an honest attempt anyway. It didn’t go well for me; the statue fires an explosion that damages Omori. Oops.

Let’s focus on how to get the password by doing Sweetheart’s garden puzzle.

Omori Game Guide Sweethearts Garden Looking For Password

You’ll want to head to the top left first. You’ll notice a platform where Kel can stand.

Omori Game Guide You Tagged Kel

Switching to Kel does nothing when you stand on the platform, so your next inclination is to try to run around the hedge haze.

Omori Game Guide Kel Yeowch That Hurt
Omori Game Guide Kel That Sweetheart Topiary Just Fired A Laser At Us

However, when you do attempt to run through the hedge maze, you’re stopped by a Sweetheart-shaped topiary that fires lasers. This damages the party, so don’t keep trying to push through.

Omori Game Guide Alright Sweetheart You Asked For This

Now that the party knows they can’t progress, you head back to the platform where Aubrey tells Kel he can aim his projectile in different directions.

Omori Game Guide Aiming Projectile In Different Directions

That’s when a window pops up where you can aim left and right to take out the obstacles.

Omori Game Guide Aim To The Right An A Window Pops Open

After the obstacle is clear, you’ll naturally run to the left where you cleared a path for yourself. However, there’s one more laser you have to clear.

Omori Game Guide One More Laser To Go

You’ll notice a platform on the other side of the hedges. Run all the way around and have Kel take out the last laser.

Omori Game Guide Alex The Esteemed Naturally As One Of The Chosen Elite
Omori Game Guide Alex The Estemeed You Really Need It

Now that the last laser is cleared, you’re free to talk to the sprout mole there. This is Alex The Esteemed, and he holds the third of the four passwords. He’ll ask if you really need it, and you confirm.

Omori Game Guide Alex Estemeed The Password That I Have Been ENtrusted Is Filled

He’ll tell you the third password for Sweetheart’s maze is “Filled.” Press the button below him to lower the spikes so you don’t have to run around the whole maze again.

Omori Game Guide It Is A Natural 20 Harolds Party

Head down to the bottom left of the map for the next hedge maze. I suggest not skipping the guards so you can grind out a little experience.

Omori Game Guide Sweet Hearts Garden With Moles under Arc
Omori Game Guide Sweethearts Garden Need To Select A Direction

Enter the second maze and have Kel stand on the first platform you see. Aim to the right. This also clears the way to a green item, watermelon.

Omori Game Guide Aim To The Right To Melon

Continue south of the watermelon and aim to the left to take out the last laser.

Omori Game Guide Aim To The Right To Take Out The Laser
Omori Game Guide Carol The Illustrious Naturally As One Of The Chosen Elite
Omori Game Guide Carol The Illustrious I suppose Something Tasty
Omori Game Guide Give Carlo The Illustrious A Tofu
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – Give Carol The Illustrious A Tofu?
Omori Game Guide Carol The Illustrious The Password That I Have Been Entrusted With Is Sweet

Now, you’re free to run around to Carol the Illustrious, who guards the first of the four passwords. However, unlike the other one, she needs a block of tofu so you can sway her. She will tell you the first password for Sweetheart’s Garden is “Sweet.”

Omori Game Guide The Password Is Sweet

Press the button to run back out of the maze. You’ll notice a trap door to the left, as you exit.

Omori Game Guide Go Through The Trap Door

Going down will put you near Mari’s blanket inside of the dungeon so you can rest up and save. Now, it’s time to go for the other passwords.

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