Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Five

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Five

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In this walkthrough, we go back through the white space again only to find out Basil is missing. After the very disturbing scenes that we experienced in part three of the walkthrough, it’s almost comforting being back in the white space.

Omori Video Game White Space Basil 001

However, I spoke too soon. I clicked around on the normal items, expecting something different. I wasn’t ready for a quick disturbing image on the laptop, followed by the sound of something dropping into the white space. Apparently, every time something drops in the white space in Omori, it’s in a different spot in each playthrough, but don’t quote me on this.

Omori Video Game Found Map 002
You found a map

You’ll need to run around until you find a map. Try to avoid the floating hands while you search for it. I learned their purpose was more or less to keep you from getting too lost (even though the white space loops, eventually).

Omori Video Game Map Layout 003

The map looks a little ominous. You’ll discover each location eventually. I’m still not exactly sure what to call the overall world. Omori’s dream? Is this his dream, or is he daydreaming? I guess all these questions will get answered as I play.

Omori Video Game Seen Basil 004

After picking up the map, you’ll head into the playroom where your friends are waiting again. This time, they’re a bit concerned that they’ve been unable to find Basil. For some reason, they waited for you to go to Mari (which should have been the first thing they did).

Omori Video Game Climbing The Stairs 005

Head up the stairs where the snake greets you once again and gives you an allowance of clams.

Omori Video Game Back in Park Trailing 006
You found the A Keyboard Letter

You’ll notice a trail of what I assume are flowers, leading to your first key after you leave. You locate these keys on your adventures.

Omori Video Game Still Looking For Basil 007

Omori Video Game Park Picnic Blanket 008

Once you get back to the park, you’ll find Mari alone on the picnic blanket without Basil. She’ll go on about some stuff about a leaf that hates bunnies before suggesting you head down to Basil’s house.

Omori Video Game Park Puzzle 009

Omori Video Game Park Puzzle 010

There are a couple of side quests you can take from NPCs around the park. Make sure you click on every one. As you know, I’m the type of person who has to talk to everything or click on everything in an RPG.

Omori Video Game Join Us Omori 011

For me, my weird, often obsessive, behavior of talking to everyone paid off when a simple act of watching the stars helped Omori gain a new Observe ability.

Omori Video Game Get Observation Ability 012

Feel free to take a look at a floating mirror in the middle of the park. It doesn’t do much other than showing off Omori and his friends, but if you look closely, you’ll only see his reflection when walking back and forth in front of a mirror. We’re sure it’s going to be used in a horror sequence later (or at least some kind of big reveal).

Omori Video Game Park Directions 014

Omori Video Game Park Flower Garden 015

Head south back towards Basil’s house. You won’t encounter any monsters like last time, but you will see flowers to water that triggers an achievement.

Omori Video Game Basil House Monster 016

There’s nothing else of note on the way down to Basil’s house until you encounter a short scene before Omori and friends enter.

Omori Video Game Basil House Check 017

What this figure is or how it plays into the story is still unknown, but we’re shocked no one saw it, and we’re not even sure what this crack in the ground is.

Omori Video Game Basil House Exit 018

The gang will tell you the first place you should head towards is the Vast Forest, but before you do so, make sure you click around in Basil’s house.

Omori Video Game Basil House Scare 019

Once you click the bookshelf, the party will enter a short one-hit battle against a dust bunny.

Now it’s off to the Vast Forest. We continue in Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Six

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