Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Fifty

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Fifty

After surviving the onslaught of bears, in Sweetheart’s Dungeon, it’s time to get the final word for the password.

Omori Game Guide Sweethearts Castle Looking For A Password

After coming out from Mari’s savepoint, I made my way to the top right hedge maze.

Omori Game Guide Sweethearts Right Hedge Maze

Once you enter, take a right, and head to the platform all the way south.

Omori Game Guide Sweethearts Platform South

Use Kel to knock out both Sweetheart lasers to the right and left.

Omori Game Guide Walk To The Green Melon In The Maze

Those are the only ones you need to worry about. Now follow the maze all the way around, grab the green watermelon, hit the heart button to lower the spikes, and speak to the sprout mole.

Omori Game Guide Brian The Distinguished Prove You Are A Sprout Mole

Brian The Distinguishes is a little suspicious of you and wants to make sure you’re a sprout mole. If you’ve been paying attention, you should know how to prove yourself as a sprout mole. If you haven’t: the answer is tofu.

Omori Game Guide Brian The Distinguished Password Jelly

Brian The Distinguished will tell you that the second word is “Donut.

Omori Game Guide Impressive Statue What Is The Password

Now, it’s time to take all the words you know and head back to the Sweetheart statue in the middle of the garden.

Omori Game Guide Impressive Statue Sweet Jelly Filled Donut

Put the words in order to say the phrase, “Sweet Jelly Filled Donut.”

Omori Game Guide Walking To The Vases

Once you enter, you’ll be in a hallway filled with vases and presents. Switch to Aubrey and start breaking the vases.

Omori Game Guide Dear Sweetheart I Luv You So Much

You can’t open the presents, but you can read these suspicious (and poorly-spelled) letters.

Omori Game Guide Buckets Of Paint

Continue down the hallway smashing vases. You’ll see a hole in the wall that looks like it’s somewhere you can enter but you’re blocked by buckets of paint. Maybe you can enter later.

Omori Game Guide Smuggler Jash Room

As you venture down the hall, the screen is shaking, as if you’re about to encounter something. You’ll enter a large room where Smuggler Jash is selling items. This is the perfect opportunity for you to stock up on items.

Omori Game Guide Bear Omori Slashes Wildly

You’ll also see a bear to the right. However, this one looked to be laying down, so I figured I’d click on it. Again, another mistake on my part because I came across another rare bear. I employed the strategy I used before using Team Spirit to beef up Aubrey and Omori. Use Headbutt and Hack and Slash to take it down quickly.

Omori Game Guide You Found Teddy Bear

After the Rare Bear is defeated, you pick up the Teddy Bear. This was a side quest item from Pyrefly Forest.

Omori Game Guide Sweetheart U R My Queen

You’ll read more letters by an unknown sender. I wonder who this could be from?

Omori Game Guide Mari's Picnic Basket

Continue south where you’ll see Mari’s picnic basket without Mari. There’s also a pickle jar where you can recover from the fight from the Rare Bear. Now it’s time to see what’s up the ladder.

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