Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Fifty-Two

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Fifty-Two

With Sweetheart defeated and Space Husband whisking her away to the stars, it’s time to continue the search for Basil.

Omori Game Guide Sweetheart Defeated

I went up to the stage to see if there was anything I could do up there. All the sprout moles were gone, and I wasn’t sure where I was supposed to go. I figured I’d make my way to the exit and go back into the Sprout Mole colony.

Omori Game Guide Going Back To Sprout Colony

However, when I approached the door, a weird vision began taking over the screen.

Omori Game Guide Vision On Screen

The camera moved back to the stage where the shadow figure appeared again before disappearing into the hole (I’m assuming this is Basil).

Omori Game Guide It Is A Long Way Down Do You Want To Jump

Walk up to the hole in the floor, and it will ask if you want to jump.

Omori Game Guide Jumping Through The Hole

You’ll have a little falling scene where Omori’s friends disappear, leaving him the only one falling.

Omori Game Guide Omori Falling Alone Scene

After the scene, Omori appears in a library where white egret orchids surround him. You can click them for the same message you get whenever you examine one in the real world.

Omori Game Guide Omori Between Orchids

As you try to move down the library, you’re blocked off by spiderwebs. You can slice through these as you did in Pyrefly Forest to continue.

Omori Game Guide You Find A Book Of Interest

You’ll notice some books hanging off of the shelves as you make your way through the library. It’s a little dark, so you’ll have to check every bookshelf, but they tell different stories. It looks like Sunny’s fragmented memories.

Omori Game Guide Cutting Through The Webs

Continue through the library, cutting your way through webs and reading excerpts from books sticking off of the shelf.

Omori Game Guide You Find A Book Of Interest Read An Excerpt
Omori Game Guide You Find A Book Of Interest Read An Excerpt

Some of the books are further away from the stairs, so make sure you’re going through every inch of the library.

Omori Game Guide Searching Through The Library Every Inch

If you look closely, you’ll see the spirits of your friends. I was only able to capture one of them; this one looks like it was Aubrey.

Omori Game Guide Spirits Of Your Friends In The Library

You’ll know when you get to the bottom of the stairs because you’ll reach a dead-end wall of dead trees.

Omori Game Guide Reaching Out To Dead End Trees

If you go to the right, you’ll grab the L key before a door opens before you. I didn’t walk through it yet because I never searched the left side.

Omori Game Guide Something Opened

When I headed left, I found the last book, where I got the message “something opened.”

Omori Game Guide Found Something Book

Head into the glowing rift to the left, where you’ll enter a dark room with a piano and, what I assume (again) is Basil’s ghost.

Clicking on the piano only tells you that the word “OMORI” is etched into it.

Omori Game Guide Found A Piano With Omori Etched
Omori Game Guide Mari Picnic Basket

If you look in the corner, you’ll notice Mari’s picnic basket. You can save here.

Omori Game Guide Part Of This Shelf Has Been Cleared Out

Now, it’s time to enter the hole where you left the L key.

Omori Game Guide L Key

Once you enter the hole, you get a short scene where you see the back of Basil’s head. When it comes to psychological horror media, that’s never a good thing.

Omori Game Guide Looks Like An Eyeball Of Basil

When Basil turns around, you get a quick glimpse of something in his eyeball. What could it be? We still don’t know what this thing is. We’ll have to find out.

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