Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Fifty-Three

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Fifty-Three
Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Fifty-Three

There’s definitely something going on with Basil, and we need to figure out what it is. After defeating Sweetheart, jumping down the hole in the floor, moving through the library, and seeing Basil, it’s time to head back to White Space and wake up.

Omori Game Guide Do Not Forget Key It Is In The Toy Box

However, before you get back to the White Space, you see a message under a taped key, “Don’t forget it’s in the toy box.” What’s in the toy box? Color me intrigued.

Omori Game Guide Stab Omori Again

Now that you’re back in White Space the only way to wake yourself up is to stab Omori, again.

Omori Game Guide Two Days Left
Omori Game Guide Moms VoiceMail Hey Jason

After moving onto the next chapter, you wake up to incessant knocking on your door. You can check the message on your phone to hear your concerned mother wondering if you’re okay (if she was truly concerned, she wouldn’t be gone for a week getting discount furniture).

Omori Game Guide Buy Stuff At Faraway Plaza

Head downstairs and see who is doing the annoying knocking. It’s Kel again, and he requests that you accompany him to Faraway Plaza to buy some stuff before Hero comes home.

Omori Game Guide Kel What The Heck Kel Smells

Instead of going directly to Faraway Plaza, I decided instead to explore the town to see if anything had changed, but first, you have to wipe “Kel Smells” off of his driveaway. I wonder who wrote it?

Omori Game Guide Polly Basil Has Not Taken Care Of The Flowers

Being the obsessive-compulsive person I am with these types of games, I went and clicked through every door on every block. I went to Basil’s house to see if there were any updates.

Omori Game Guide Artist Where He Go This Time

I visited the artist at the end of Basil’s block. Her dog had run away.

Omori Game Guide Preacher Strange Feeling From The Cemetery

I went back to the church where the preacher tells me he’d been getting a weird vibe from the cemetery.

Omori Game Guide Old Beardy The Spirits Are Howling
Omori Game Guide Bread Smells Toasty
Omori Game Guide A Teddy Bear

I went out back and spoke to the old man, then poked through all the Easter Eggs from Sunny’s dreams. I even went to Mari’s grave, but there was nothing out of the ordinary.

Omori Game Guide Faraway Park Basketball Field

However, what was out of the ordinary started when I visited Faraway Park (we’re supposed to be making a beeline for Faraway Plaza) and started picking up trash again. Notice there are two children running around the basketball court similar to the ones running around the Forest Playground as Omori? When you walk up to them, they disappear. Strange. I’m wondering if they’re spirits and everyone that Omori runs into when he’s dreaming represents someone dead in real life.

Omori Game Guide Blue Haired Girl See Any Seashells

Head over to the generic All-American family on the right, where you’ll meet a blue-haired girl named Chris. She starts talking about her swimming and asks you for seashells. I guess this is the part where Sunny/Omori finally overcomes his fear of swimming.

Omori Game Guide Basil See You Later Then

If you head to the picnic basket save point, you’ll see Basil nearby. Kel offers Basil a chance to come with them on their adventure, but Basil refuses. It looks like he’s still having trouble processing Sunny leaving.

Omori Game Guide A Sleek Silver Scooter

If you head to Otherworld Plaza, you’ll notice some familiar scooters (uh oh).

Omori Game Guide Inside Store Hobbeez

You can head into Hobbeez if you want. There’s a couple standing near the magazine rack. However, if you approach them, they disappear. Wonder who they could be.

Omori Game Guide In Front Of Gino

You’ll notice a guitar guy outside Gino’s who is supposed to be the one you encounter at the train station. He, too is planning on moving somewhere far and needs money to do so.

Omori Game Guide Kim We Got Not Business With You Today
Omori Game Guide Kel Hero Sandwich

If you head inside, you’ll have a short scene with Aubrey’s gang, but they want nothing to do with you. Even Aubrey says nothing if you try to talk to her, so head to the counter to grab a Hero Sandwich (and learn why he’s named Hero).

Omori Game Guide Kel Dad Doing Errands For Your Mom

You can run to the hardware store, but there’s really nothing there except the guy trying to fix his leak and Kel’s Dad.

Omori Game Guide Otherworld Mart Insite

If you walk to the Otherworld Mart, you’re prompted to head to the bakery. You’ll pass a couple standing by the ice cream. Does it look like Hero and Mari? I’m not sure because they disappeared. I also made sure to stock up on bandages and first-aid kids just in case.

Omori Game Guide Mr Baker What Would You Like

Head to the bakery where you pick up Hero’s mother’s order.

Omori Game Guide Kel Hero Should Be Coming Home Any Time

Now, it’s time to go back to Kel’s house.

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