Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Fifty-Six

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Fifty-Six

After exploring the town and making sure I didn’t miss anything, we enter Ke’s house to the sweet sound of a concerned mother.

Omori Game Guide Kel Mom Hero Where Have You Two Been

She’s upset that the group took so long to search for Basil that the food has gotten cold. Fortunately, the sound of crying from Kel’s baby sister has taken Kel’s mother out of the equation.

Omori Game Guide You Got Homecooked Meal
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got A Homecooked Meal …

Head into the kitchen to grab the home-cooked meal and bring it into the kitchen to heat it up.

Hero Looks Like The Food Is Done

After the food is warmed in the microwave, Hero suggests you all take the food into the living room so you can eat while looking through the photo album.

Kel Basil Gave jason His Photo Album Yesterday

You head into the room and look through the photo album. Hero notices right away that pictures of Mari are missing and Kel lets him know that it was most likely Aubrey who took it. There’s nowhere to go but outside after this.

Omori Game Guide Hero Let Us Go To Fix It And Get Some Flowers For Her

I assume we’re headed over to Sunny’s house, but Hero insists we get flowers to make peace with his and Kel’s mother. You may already have flowers in your inventory, but Hero insists on getting fresh ones (screw you, Hero).

Omori Game Guide Fix It Guy The Total Will Be 2 Dollar

Make the brisk jog all the way back to FIX-IT to grab a $2 pair of flowers. If you don’t have enough, Hero will spot you some money.

Omori Game Guide Shopkeep You And Your New Pet Rock Are A Good Match

Fortunately, this is also enough money to run back to Hobbeez and pick up the pet rock.

Omori Game Guide Pet Rock Is Most Loyal Rock
Omori Game Guide Kel Pet Rocks Is A Game Where You And Your Pets Team Up
Omori Game Guide Colorful Girl I See You Have A Pet Rock

Having this item equipped allows players to engage with other NPCs in a rock-paper-scissors-Tamagotchi-style battle. I’m sure there’s some type of achievement for winning battles against other players, but I wanted to progress through the story and didn’t try anymore after the first couple of losses.

Omori Game Guide Bring Flowers Back To Kel Mom

Bring the flowers back to Kel and Hero’s mother where you’ll see Hero’s charm school in effect.

Omori Game Guide Kel Wow
Omori Game Guide Hero There Used To Be A Couch

After giving the flowers back, head to Sunny’s house, where the boys will reminisce in the living room before Hero runs off to the piano room.

Omori Game Guide There Was This Song
Omori Game Guide A Grand Piano

After briefly playing the piano (the same one from Omori’s dream), Kel and Hero will run off to Sunny’s room.

Omori Game Guide Kel Runs To Omori Room

Head upstairs to the picnic basket in Sunny’s mother’s room, where he’ll catch a quick glimpse of Mari before she disappears. You can save here if you wish.

Omori Game Guide Kel It Is Papa Chips Cookbook

When you arrive upstairs to Sunny’s room, Kel and Hero have already created a blanket fort. Not sure where they found the supplies to do this when everything was already packed up.

Kel Snore Snore Snore

Eventually, both Kel and Hero will fall asleep. There’s nothing to do now but let Sunny hit the hay too.

Omori Game Guide Sunny Rests His Head

When Sunny rests his head, Omori takes over.

Omori Game Guide Friends Of Sunny

He’ll catch a quick glimpse of his friends before they disappear.

Omori Game Guide Door Is Locked
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – The Door Is Locked.

When Omori comes to, he starts in the Neighbor’s Room. If you try to go into the White Space, you’ll see the one-eyed something spirit floating there through the keyhole. Omori’s friends are also not in the Neighbor’s Room.

Omori Game Guide Friends Are In The Neighbor Room

Everything seems eerily quiet when Omori emerges from the trunk and heads down to the Forest Playground. No one is there, not even Mari on the picnic blanket.

Omori Game Guide A Floating Mirror You Are All Done Hide And Seek

You can head to the mirror, where you’re able to initiate a hide-and-seek game alone. I’m not sure what the point of this was, but I’m sure there’s significance to the mirrors is in Omori, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

Omori Game Guide Can We Swim

After playing through the mini-game, I remembered that we overcame one of Sunny’s anxieties every time we left the White Space. Just north of the stump was an area we could swim.

Omori Game Guide Mari Steady Your Heartbeat
Omori Game Guide You Are No Longer Afraid Of Drowning
You are no longer afraid of drowning.
Omori Game Guide Swimming In The Lake

When I ran up there, I saw Mari standing at the docks. She helped Omori overcome his anxiety and be able to swim. Now we can explore what’s in the water.

Omori Game Guide Exploring What In The Water

Continue swimming north, where you’ll swim through an area with some spirits walking around. I’m not sure what their significance is or what they represented, but I continued on.

Omori Game Guide Getting Out Of The Water
Omori Game Guide Lighttower

You’ll eventually run into a small island with a lighthouse.

Omori Game Guide Inside The Lighthouse
Omori Game Guide Mari This Poor Photo
Omori Game Guide A Pair Of Binculars Do You Want To Check Out The View

When you go inside, you’ll see a disheveled abandoned room with an eerie painting. Climbing the ladder brings you to a lighthouse where you can look out into the fog.

Omori Game Guide Getting Back Into The Water Waterfall

Head back out into the water and continue swimming north where you’ll encounter a ladder leading into a waterfall area.

Omori Game Guide Mari But There Is Still One Big Thing You Are Afraid Of
Omori Game Guide On Islands Fog Spirits Of Past Time

You’ll encounter an area that shows spirits on different islands meant to represent memories.

Omori Game Guide Shadow Of basil On Island

You’ll even see one with a shadow meant to be Basil.

Omori Game Guide Mari I Know I Should Not Have Come
Omori Game Guide Mari Good Bye Little Brother

Eventually, you’ll get to a curtained window that’s the end of the line for Mari. I’m still a bit confused about the story to this point. The only thing I know is Mari is dead, but how or what any of this means is still up in the air.

Omori Game Guide Mari is Dead

When Mari disappears, you’ll see a whirlpool in the water.

Omori Game Guide Whirlpool In The Water

Head into the whirlpool where you’ll come across a well with a ladder.

Omori Game Guide In The Whirlpool There Is A Ladder

Descend the long ladder where you’ll see some deep-sea fish that indicate you’re going to be deep underwater.

Omori Game Guide Frog Waiting For Something To Happen
Omori Game Guide There Is A Hole Here Go Into The Hole

When you get to the bottom, the M key will be conveniently sitting there. Pick it up where you’ll see a hole. Peer into it for a surprise.

Omori Game Guide Head To The Road From The Tower

Head out of the tower to a road.

Omori Game Guide Toll gator This Lane Is Carpool Only Kid

Walking over to the Toll will bring you face-to-face with a rude toll gator. There’s nowhere else to go but the other way down the long highway.

Omori Game Guide Taxi Driver Come On Do Not be Shy

The highway seems like it goes on forever. There are some clams for you to pick up. Fortunately, you’ll eventually run into a taxi driver who offers to take you to where you need to go.

Omori Game Guide Taxi Stop Road Side

After a short scene where the taxi driver crashes his car, you’ll be in an area where you see Kel standing nearby.

Omori Game Guide Kel Got Tricked Into Signing Contracts

He tells you that everyone found jobs.

Omori Game Guide Gooman You Want Fresh Milk From Seacow
Omori Game Guide Unique Soda Made From The Finest Of Butt Peaches
Omori Game Guide Gooman Offering Drinks

As you continue north to find the others, you’ll run into different Goomen. They all offer different drinks for extreme prices. I didn’t buy any of them. However, one of them offers you to take a picture at one of those face portraits for only 100 clams, and I couldn’t resist. There’s nothing here but a screenshot opportunity.

Omori Game Guide Last Resort Ship
Omori Game Guide Mari Find Basil

As you continue north, you’ll see The Last Resort, but don’t head in yet. You’ll see Mari to the left where you can save. She and Kel have a brief conversation.

Omori Game Guide Egg Cellent You Recorded The Joke In Your Joke Book

You’ll also see a jokeboard to the left of the Last Resort and a toilet with ramen in it.

Omori Game Guide Sharleen No Splashing In the Pool

Head to the right where you’ll notice your first familiar face from the park. Sharleen will be standing by a pool with a face in it.

Omori Game Guide You Are Pretty Sure This Pool Is Haunted

If you click on the pool, you’ll have the option to enter.

Omori Game Guide Ghost Party
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – Ghost Party.
Omori Game Guide Sweet The Total Will Be 250 Clams

You’ll enter an area called “Ghost Party” and I knew exactly what this was going to be, but first, I hit up the Party Jash to find some cheap emotion-changing items. Grab a couple of them.

Omori Game Guide Tophat Ghost Would You Be So Kind To
Omori Game Guide You Got 6 Spooky Maps
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got 6 Spooky Maps.

Now, head over and pick up the quest from the floating ghost. Just as I had feared, there ghosts floating around the world have some significance.

Omori Game Guide There Is A Hole Here Look Into The Hole

If you go down to the O’s, you’ll see the O key to the left. Looking into the hole will show you a surprise.

Now, it’s time to find the rest of Omori’s friends.

Jumping to the next chapter; Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Fifty-Seven

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