Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Fifty-One

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Fifty-One

After saving, healing up, and stocking up on items, it’s time to face off against Sweetheart herself.

Omori Game Guide Looking For Sweetheart
Omori Game Guide What Is With All These Decorations

Climb the ladder, and you’ll be right back in the big auditorium where they host the Sweetheart’s Quest For Hearts Show.

Omor Game Guide Sprout Mole Mike Sweet Hearts Quest For Hearts

However, this time, they’re airing their final episode: a wedding.

Omori Game Guide Sprout Mole Mike Sweethearts Perfect Suitor

Sprout Mole Mike goes on about how they have found Sweetheart’s perfect suitor.

Omori Game Guide Cake

The camera moves down to the entrance of the room where a cake is dropped.

Omori Game Guide Sprout Mole Mike Is Sweetheart Herself
Omori Game Guide Kel Sweetheart Is Marrying herself
Omori Game Guide Sprout Mole Mike Does Anyone Object To This Holy Matrimony

Yes, Sweetheart is marrying herself because she has given up on finding love.

Omori Game Guide I Object
Omori Game Guide Aubrey Do Not Do This Sweetheart

Unfortunately, Aubrey’s heart has taken over her judgment as she reveals herself to try to talk Sweetheart out of marrying herself.

Omori Game Guide Sweetheart Farewell Miserable Peons

After a brief confrontation where everyone tries to talk Sweetheart out of her manic episode, she takes out her heart mace. Prepare for a boss battle.

Omori Game Guide Sweetheart Boasts About One Of many Talents

Sweetheart makes herself happy, so my first inclination was to make everyone sad. Fortunately, the Rain Cloud came into play early in the fight.

Omori Game Guide SweetHeart Defense Fell 131 Damage

I started hitting her with all of my strongest attacks while they were sad.

Omori Game Guide Aubrey Took 24 Damage And Lost 9 Juice
Omori Reads A Sad Poem And Feels Miserable

I combined the rain cloud with the poetry book items and Omori’s sad poetry ability that stacks depression on top of their sadness.

Omori Game Guide EveryOne Is Angry
Omori Game Guide Sweetheart Defense Fell 107 Damage

Unfortunately, I should have kept them sad. I got a little overeager trying to have Omori solely try to stack more sadness. Eventually, she will make everyone angry, and she does it every turn, so there’s no point in trying to change the group’s emotions at this point.

Omori Game Guide OMori Slashes Wildly Dull Attack 125 Damage

She stacks happiness on her until she becomes ecstatic.

Omori Game Guide Omori And Friends Com Together Ultimate Attack

I tried using items and Hero’s Massage ability to keep everyone neutral, at the very least, but it wasn’t worth wasting turns to change the party’s emotions. I focused on Hero, keeping everyone healed and juiced up while eating her attacks (they don’t do too much damage if you’re at the right level for this encounter). Even though they were doing dull attacks, hitting her with multi-hit abilities like Omori’s Hack and Slash was still doing 100+ damage even if it wasn’t optimal. You’ll eventually get to release energy, which should take her out.

Omori Game Guide Omori Party Was Victorious 5800 EXP 1376 Clams

If not, it should only take a couple more powerful hits from each party member to take her out. This isn’t an overly-difficult fight if you’re prepared. Aubrey’s power hit ability should be enough to lower her defense to where it shouldn’t make too much of a difference.

Omori Game Guide Captain Spaceboy Oh Sweetheart

After defeating Sweetheart, a familiar face will appear. Captain Spaceboy is here to save the day.

Omori Game Guide Captain Spaceboy Marry Me Sweetheart

After her initial hesitation, Captain Spaceboy pulls out a rock, and one of the most romantic gestures Sweetheart has ever seen.

Omori Game Guide Sprout Mole Mike Sweetheart And Space Husband

Sweetheart is so moved by this that she demands Sprout Mole Mike to marry them immediately.

Omori Game Guide Married

They share an oddly censored kiss, and Captain Spaceboy becomes Space Husband.

Omori Game Guide Censored Kiss

After which, Sweetheart detonates the stage because she no longer needs it. Sweetheart and Space Husband take off in his ship.

Omori Game Guide You Bond With Your Friends Became Stronger
Omori Game Guide Everyone Followup Moves Improved

That’s when the Omori and friends get an upgrade to their follow-up abilities.

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