Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Fifty-Four

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Fifty-Four
Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Fifty-Four

Now that we’ve gotten Kel’s chores out of the way, it’s time to head back to Kel’s house to drop everything off and finally meet Hero.

Omori Game Guide Back To Kel House Dog

On the way back to Kel’s house, we run into a familiar dog. I remember last time the artist said her dog was missing. See? It helps to click on everything and explore everywhere before going to the place you should be going.

Omori Game Guide You Got Paintbrush
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got Paint Brush.
Omori Game Guide You Got Trash
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got Trash…

Instead of going into Kel’s house, I sprinted back to Basil’s block and ran to the end. I flexed and let her know I was the one who found her dog. She gave me a paintbrush (and the dog gave me trash) and sent me on my way.

Omori Game Guide Paint Brush Equipment

I couldn’t figure out where the paintbrush was until I went into “equip” and saw it under charm. It does absolutely nothing except feel cool to carry around. I wonder if this is all making fun of some RPG tropes because it’s hilarious.

Omori Game Guide Hector Bark Bark Bark

Head back to Kel’s house but first, click on his dog. You’ll notice his dog’s name is Hector (the name of Kel’s pet rock in Omori’s dream world). I just thought this was interesting.

Omori Game Guide State Junior Cooking Competition

Head inside Kel’s house, where he uses you as a cushion for his mother’s wrath for taking so long while running errands. He’ll invite you upstairs, where he shows off his room that’s full of almost useless trophies. It reminds me of “Smol” in The Otherworld, but I’m starting to think that was just how Kel feels compared to Hero, small

Omori Game Guide Polly Was Wondering Where Basil Is

Kel’s mother will call you back downstairs, where you’ll meet with a worried Polly. She’ll tell you that Basil is missing.

Omori Game Guide Basil Is Missing Forest

By RPG rules, the first place you check is where you last saw him.

Omori Game Guide Basil Help Me Please

Head back to Faraway Park, where, as soon as you reach the spot where Basil was, you’ll hear him screaming for help. Push yourself up against the gap between the two trees to the north.

Omori Game Guide Road Closed Signs
Omori Game Guide Aubrey Let Settle This Kel

You’ll enter an area where the scooter gang has surrounded Basil. After confronting them, Aubrey will get her gang together to fight Kel and Sunny.

Omori Game Guide What Will Jason And Kel Do

When the battle begins, I’m terrified because I remember fighting them all individually wasn’t the easiest thing to do. I started setting up as if I would take them down one by one.

Omori Game Guide Kim Slams Her Head Into Jason Jason Takes 69 Damage

However, it was obvious after a couple of turns that we were meant to lose this battle against Aubrey and her hooligans. You also can’t target them one by one. You attack them as a group.

Omori Game Guide Aubrey Ugggggghhhh

After the scripted battle, Aubrey tells the others to go off while she has a breakdown.

Omori Game Guide Aubrey Your Are The Worst Basil
Omori Game Guide Kel What The Heck Aubrey

Clearly, there’s a backstory to Basil that we don’t know about. After she snaps on Basil, she shoves him into the water.

Omori Game Guide Do You Want To Save Basil
Omori Game Guide Dark Place Basil Red Light
Omori Game Guide Down The Stairs Dark
Omori Game Guide Steady Your Heartbeat
Omori Game Guide Persist Heart Can Not Reach Zero

This is where Sunny must overcome his anxiety again. You’ll encounter the stairway (apparently, the stairs are a big source of Sunny’s anxiety, too), where you’ll see Mari. Follow Mari down until you find a knife. After finding the knife, you’ll encounter a battle with “something” again where you must calm yourself, focus, and continue to persist until you make it to the water.

Omori Game Guide Reaching Out In The Water

After the “battle” is complete, you’ll get a scene where Mari jumps in to save Sunny.

Omori Game Guide Saving Sunny

However, when Sunny opens his eyes, he finds a hero, Hero.

Omori Game Guide Hero Looks Like Basil Is Breathing Again
Omori Game Guide Back On The Playground
Omori Game Guide Back On The Playground Twice

Hero grabs Basil and tells you to head back to his house. If you run by the swing set, you’ll notice the two figures again. I’m not sure if this is meant to be Aubrey and Sunny or Mari and Sunny. It’s clearly his flashbacks. I thought they were spirits.

Now, it’s time to bring Basil back to Polly.

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