Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Fifty-Five

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Fifty-Five
Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Fifty-Five

It’s time to bring Basil back to Polly after being rescued by Hero.

Omori Game Guide Polly Basil

Go straight to Basil’s house. There’s no point trying to go anywhere else while Hero is holding onto Basil’s unconscious body.

Omori Game Guide En Empty Basket Would You Like To Save

Polly asks for Hero to bring Basil into his room. This leaves Sunny and Kel alone. I suggest saving at this point.

Omori Game Guide Do You Want To High Five Kel

Head to Basil’s room where Hero will emerge, and the party can now head outside. Kel talks about how brave he thinks Sunny is before offering another high five. Now, with Hero, Kel, and Sunny finally together without interruption, it’s time to head to Kel’s house finally.

Omori Game Guide The Maverick Sensing Evil Presence

However, on the way to Kel’s house, you’ll see The Maverick standing on his driveway with an eerie message. At first, I was reluctant to help him but I remembered I needed to do everything in the game, so I went inside anyway.

Omori Game Guide Assortment Of Wigs Line This Table

I was expecting a jump scare or for the environment to be spooky but it was just a normal house when I entered. Well, as normal as any church-going house would be at least.

Omori Game Guide Entering An House

I explored a bit and found nothing until I entered the Twin’s room. At that point I got a little spooked because I thought they were glowing.

Omori Game Guide It Seems We Have Gone Missing

However, upon further inspection, it turns out it was just cardboard cutouts of The Maverick’s older siblings. They were trying to play a game with him. After finding the note, that’s when a small mini-game kicks off (you’ll hear the music playing as you explore the house and look for the siblings).

Omori Game Guide Bless This Home

I ran around to each room upstairs and found nothing. When I went back into the living room I noticed a pair of shadows behind a curtain.

Omori Game Guide Did You Think We Only Bought One Cardboard Cutout

However, they were just more cardboard cutouts of the siblings.

Omori Game Guide Cardboard Cutouts
Omori Game Guide This Is The Oldest Trick In The Book

I continued to run around the house looking for anything suspicious. I ran back upstairs to find two lumps in the carpet. After clicking them, I found two pillows.

Omori Game Guide You Found A Secret Button

After that, I was struggling to find the twins. I was clicking on everything. I clicked on the statue to find a secret button, but all it told me to do was leave it alone. Now, I’m curious.

Omori Game Guide You Found A Hidden Switch

I found a hidden switch in the fireplace, but again, was told to leave it alone.

Omori Game Guide You Find A Note
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Find A Note.

I went through the entirety of the house, clicking on everything, including the fridge. Why did I think there would be anyone in the fridge?

Omori Game Guide The Twins Boo

Finally, after an exhaustive search of the house. I found the twins under the bed in The Maverick’s room. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that in the first place. Where else will you hide if you’re trying to find someone?

Omori Game Guide The Maverick Conquered The Great Evil

After leaving The Maverick’s house, I decided to make one more run around town before going to Kel’s house. I’m figured there was more to do before I set off the chain of events that would inevitably bring me back to the White Space.

Omori Game Guide It Seems We Have Gone Missing

I tried heading back to the cemetery with Hero to see how he would react to Mari’s grave, but he wouldn’t go in.

Omori Game Guide Out Of The House

I ran through all the other blocks. I saw two scooters outside another house and tried knocking to see if we’d get any interactions there but there was no response.

Omori Game Guide Shopkeep They Usually Go For
Omori Game Guide Shopkeep But This Pet Rock Is Calling

I went back to Hobbeez. The shopkeep offered me a pet rock for $10. Unfortunately, after purchasing more bandages, I only had $3 left. I made a mental note to come back if I came across more money.

Omori Game Keep Pigtails Lady You Are So Sweet

I went to the Otherworld market to find that odd couple we ran across in the hardware store shopping. They’re a fun little interaction.

Omori Game Guide A Blue Picnic Basket

I ran back to the secret part of the park to see if there was anything there. There’s a blanket, similar to Mari’s but you’re not able to save there.

Omori Game Guide Secret Part Of The Parc

You can pick up a clam the girl was asking for at the north side of the river.

Omori Game Guide A Group Of Pinwheels Blow

You’ll also notice some pinwheels, which makes sense because of the pinwheel forest in Omori’s dreamworld.

Omori Game Guide A Large Metal Cat

If you click on the cat in the playground, you’ll remember that it used to be bigger. I think this is where the cat comes from watching over the Neighbor’s Room after White Space.

Omori Game Guide Do You Want To Play With Hector
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – Do You Want To Play With Hector?

I ran around everywhere and didn’t find anything else of note, so I made my way back to Kel and Hero’s house. But first, play with the dog.

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