Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide: Part Fifteen

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Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Fifteen
Omori Walkthrough Gameplay Guide Part Fifteen

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With Rosa in control of Space Boyfriend’s special mixtape, it’s up to Omori and friends to pursue the sprouts mole and finally get the mixtape.

Omori Video Game You Got Ramen 001
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got Ramen!

As soon as Rosa runs off, you’ll hear the music increase. However, that doesn’t mean you should pursue-or-lose. There’s no timer, so that means you should look into everything, even a toilet for ramen.

Omori Video Game You Got Baking Pan 002
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got Baking Pan!

Omori Video Game Hero Learned Snack Time 003
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – HERO Learned Snack Time!

Omori Video Game Baking Pan 004

You might think a watermelon isn’t worth your time, but you can pick up items and even learn skills from them, so it’s worth exploring, despite the music making you feel as if you should hurry.

Omori Video Game You Got TV Remote 005
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Got TV Remote!

Omori Video Game TV Remote Changes Channels On The TV 006

As you’re walking along the tops of the containers, you’ll find other items. The TV remote doesn’t look like a bad charm choice for one of your characters.

Omori Video Game TV Sets 007

After finding Mari again and looking south towards tall stacks of containers, you put two-and-two together and realize you’re headed into a boss battle. The only JRPGs I’ve really played are Pokemon and Earthbound, and even I knew something serious was about to happen.

Omori Video Game Do Not Cross 008

Omori Video Game Give Us Back That Special Mixtape 009

Omori Video Game Rosa Can You Hear Us 010

After you cross into the next area, you’ll see Rosa frozen in place, surrounded by ominous televisions. They attempt to speak to her, only to get no response. That’s when it happens:

Omori Video Game Downloading Attack Omo 011

You’re attacked by every 90s child’s nightmare.

Omori Video Game Fight Or Run Attack Omo Download 012

Yes, you are thrust into battle with a download screen stuck at 99%.

Omori Video Game Donwloading Attack Omo 50p damage 013

Omori Video Game Aubrey 65 damage Kel 46 Damage 014

The fight isn’t terribly difficult, but you have to deal with some party-wide damage, so be prepared with some healing. Remember, Kel was scavenging items the entire time you were in the Junkyard, so don’t forget to make smart use of them.

Omori Video Game Took The Special Mixtape From Rosa 015
Omori Game Walkthrough Guide – You Took The Special Mixtape From Rosa

Omori Video Game Space Boyfriend and Sweetheart 016

Omori Video Game Special Mixtape In The Junkyard 017

After you defeat the download window stuck at 99%, Omori and friends grab the special mixtape before Rosa becomes unfrozen. That’s when she drops a bombshell. It’s time to confront Space Boyfriend and see why we were sent on this crazy adventure!

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