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Overview on the latest Omori Game patches.

OMORI UPDATE PATCH V1.0.2 – January 9. 2021

OMORI PATCH V1.0.2 is available on Steam

  • We have assessed KEL’s uselessness and have granted him an extra 4 HEART from LEVEL 1-49.
  • Added failsafes that should prevent some rare bugs that caused the game to crash.
  • Fixed a bug that started in V1.0.1 involving HD monitors where the game screen sometimes started flashing during gameplay.
  • Fixed a Mac-only bug that sometimes caused the game to crash due to Steam Achievements when using Bread Slice for the first time.
  • Fixed minor cutscene, text, and graphic, and audio issues.
  • Fixed a bug where picking up an ingredient in a certain person’s kitchen at a very specific time would soft-lock the game.
  • Fixed a bug that enabled the menu in a segment of the game where it should not be enabled.
  • Added WORM-BOT to Foe Facts!
  • Fixed a bug where you were able to soft-lock the game after bumping into Kel’s dad at Fix-it.
  • Fixed a bug where Artist would appear in two places at once on the third day.
  • Fixed continuity-issues with certain quests in Faraway Town.
  • Fixed a bug where RABBIT and CHICKEN? in Dino’s Dig did not get recorded into Foe Facts! during the end-game of the route where you don’t leave your house.
  • Fixed some bugs caused by red hands in Black Space during the end-game of the route where you don’t leave your house which caused a soft-lock.

OMORI UPDATE PATCH V1.0.1 – 31 December 2020

  • Updated the title screen to show CONFIRM and CANCEL buttons/keys and the game version.
  • Fixed an error that was causing the game to record SAVE FILE time at 2x the usual speed, caused by using an HD monitor. We can’t restore the playtime of save files that have already been started, but it should behave correctly after the patch.
  • Fixed minor text, graphic, and audio issues.
  • Fixed a problem with running away from DUST BUNNIES.
  • Fixed a bug that happens when you GAME OVER from using ROTTEN MILK.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes happens after the logo and disclaimer caused by exiting the save menu too quickly.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes causes the game to crash after pictures are used (including RELEASE ENERGY during battle).
  • Fixed a bug related to HERO’s FRYING PAN.
  • Fixed a bug that enabled you to get endless SEASHELLS.
  • [Spoiler?] Changed a certain graphic that appears after defeating a certain OTHERWORLD boss much more easy to spot.
  • [Spoiler?] Changed the location of a save point in a certain castle so it is more visible.
  • [Spoiler?] Fixed a soft lock that was happening with a certain delivery mini-game if you try to go left on the third map.
  • [Spoiler?] Fixed some crashing that was happening while playing a certain arcade game in HOBBEEZ.
  • [Spoiler?] Fixed a soft lock that involves tutoring certain children.
  • [Spoiler?] Fixed a… very funny glitch in a certain street caused by a random leftover event.
  • [Spoiler?] After defeating a certain boss, the path to a certain place will open a certain menu if you haven’t finished collecting… certain objects…

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