Omori Preorder Details: What We Know

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Omori Preorder Details What We Know

Omori is now available for preorder, but how is a game that has been out for over a year available for preorder? After a long delay, Omori is finally releasing for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 systems on June 17, 2022. Here is what we know about Omori preorder information so far.

Omori Will Be Available on Switch eShop

Omori on Switch eShop is already live with information regarding the impending release of the Omori Switch port. The Omori Switch release date is June 17th, 2022. This is the same as the Omori PS4 release date.

Omori On PS4 Digital Shop Is Not Available Yet

 As far as Omori on the PlayStation store, searching for Omori on the PS4 store does not yield a digital page yet. So far, we do not know if Omori is available digitally for the PS4. However, Omori on PS4 is available through a physical release. The Omori PS4 physical copy is found directly on Omocat’s website.

How Can You Preorder Omori for The Nintendo Switch and PS4?

Right now, digital preorders for Omori on Switch eShop are not available. The only way to preorder Omori for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 is to visit Omocat’s website to preorder the standard editions of the game.

How Much Is Omori PS4 and Switch Price?

To find out more information on Omori’s PS4 price and Omori’s Switch price, check out our article here regarding how much Omori costs to preorder.

If you are a fan of Omori and plan to play Omori for the PS4 or Nintendo Switch, then follow GameDom for Nintendo Switch and PS4 specific guides for Omori after June 17th, 2022.

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