Omori Nintendo Switch Release Date: What We Know

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Omori Nintendo Switch Release Date What We Know

Omori was released a year and three months ago for the PC and, despite its retro Earthbound-style graphics, was not initially released for the Nintendo Switch. Fortunately, that is going to change very soon. Omori on the Nintendo Switch eShop will become a reality soon.

After months of rumors and Omori Nintendo Switch leaks, our paths will finally cross in the dark dream world of Omori. We will talk about what we know for gamers who are not familiar with Omori. What is Omori? What details do we know about Omori on the Nintendo Switch? We will also look at the Omori Nintendo Switch release date.

What Is Omori?

Omori Calm Down Gameplay

Omori was originally released on Steam after years of delays. Omori follows multiple characters through a colorful world both inside and outside of a dream. In Omori, players follow multiple paths toward different endings. Every decision players make will affect the outcome of the game. With cute retro graphics, Omori players are shocked to find the dark and mature themes of the game. With the game’s success and overwhelmingly positive reviews, it is not surprising that Omori is coming out for the Nintendo Switch.

Omori On the Nintendo Switch

Omori Moon Boss Fight

Omori for the Nintendo Switch will support all the Switch modes, such as tabletop mode, tv mode, and handheld mode. Additionally, Omori on the Nintendo Switch will support American English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese languages. Now that we know the game will release on the Switch, when is the Omori Nintendo Switch release date?

Omori Nintendo Switch Release Date

Omori Meow Gameplay

According to Nintendo’s website, Omori’s Nintendo Switch release date is June 17, 2022. Omori will have a physical and digital release for the Nintendo Switch.

You can watch the Omori preorder promo here:

Those who have always looked forward to a handheld Omori should be excited about Omori on the Nintendo Switch. Are you planning on pre-ordering the Omori Nintendo Switch physical copy? Will you play the digital version of Omori on the Nintendo Switch eShop? Keep an eye out on GameDom for Omori guides for the Nintendo Switch.

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