Omori Boss Guide: Sweetheart

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Omori Boss Guide Sweetheart

Are you having trouble beating a boss in Omori? You spend almost an entire chapter building up to Sweetheart. In fact, the buildup to Sweetheart begins when you first hear about her. Omori’s developers really put a lot of work into the build to this fight, and it can wreck you if you’re not ready. I was reading about how some people struggled mightily with this fight. However, after I’ve finally become adept at the emotion system (and did a bit of grinding beforehand), this fight wasn’t as rough as I had heard about.

Come Sad Out The Gate

Omori Boss Game Guide Sweetheart boasts about her many talents

You’ll want to use a Rain Cloud or have Omori use Sad Poem to get everyone sad, but don’t get used to it. Try to stack sad twice on Omori and Aubrey at the very least to hit some strong moving attacks in the beginning.

Omori Boss Game Guide Aubrey Took 24 Damage And Lost 9 Juice

When they’re all sad, they don’t take as much damage because her attacks will be dull. Keep Hero on healing with Kel on reducing her speed with jacks. Hit some Power Hits with Aubrey to lower her defense; you’ll see why soon.

Omori Boss Game Guide Everyone Is Angry
Omori Boss Game Guide Sweetheart Defense Fell

After she becomes happier, she’ll use party-wide damage every turn to make everyone angry. This means, no matter what you’ll do, she’s going to make them angry. There’s almost no point in wasting a turn trying to use Hero’s Massage ability or Omori’s Sad Poem to make everyone else sad. You’ll have to start eating bigger damage while doing less damage. However, if you’ve got some Power Hits in, her defense will be low enough to where Omori will still do 100+ damage on his multi-hit attacks, even if they are dull.

Omori Boss Game Guide Sweetheart Became Ecstatic
Sweetheart Became Ecstatic!

Don’t do what I did. I wasted a lot of the fight trying to get Omori back to sad to hit moving damage, but it wasn’t worth it.

Omori Boss Game Guide Omori Slashes Wildly

Once she becomes ecstatic, you’ll want to unleash with as many multi-hit abilities as you can. Even if they’re dull, they’ll still do three-digit damage.

Omori Game Guide Omori Party Was Victorious

You should get in one or two unleash energy attacks to make short of Sweetheart without too much trouble.

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