Omori Boss Guide: Slime Girls

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Omori Boss Guide Slime Girls

Are you having trouble beating a boss in Omori? When Sweetheart left in the spaceship with Space Husband, we thought that we would see the last of her. However, Sweetheart has come back to cause more problems than she’s worth.

Omori Game Guide - Marina Where Is My Money Lady - Give Me My Money

After Sweetheart stiffs Marine, Medusa, and Molly on payment for their services, she runs off, telling the Slime Girls that Omori and his friends will handle it.

Omori Game Guide - Molly So That Brings The Total Charge To About 1000000 Clams

The Slime Girls will tell Omori and friends that they owe 1,000,000 clams for their services. After they refuse to pay, the girls attack Kel. That’s when Omori and friends concede that the only way out is to defeat them.

Omori Game Guide - Kel Annoys Slime Girls - Slime Girls Feels Angry

There is an emotion check in this battle, but it’s not until later. Use your first turn to throw some jacks, have Aubrey use Team Spirit to start working up everyone’s happiness, and have Kel annoy the Slime Girls. Keep Hero on support and healing duty, throwing in an attack whenever you feel you can take a hit or two.

Omori Boss Guide - Omori Slashes Wildly - It Was A Moving Attack

After Omori is Happy, you can have him start using hack away. They are three different girls, but they take the same damage as if they were one boss. Have Aubrey continue making everyone happy.

Omori Game Guide - Marina You Know What That Means - It Is Time To Get Serious

You make the group happy because, once you get the slime girls to a certain point, they become angrier.

Omori Game Guide - Slime Girls Pulls Out A Chainsaw

They also start to hit the group with multi-hit attacks. If you make the group happy, they do dull damage.

Omori Game Guide - Aubrey Headbutts Slime Girls
Omori Boss Guide - Omori Slashes Wildly 291 265 236

Continue hitting the girls with your strongest moves (try to get Omori manic, if possible).

Omori Boss Guide - Slime Girls Throw Everything They Have
Omori Game Guide - Everyone Attack Fell
Omori Game Guide - Everyone Defense Fell - Everyone Speed Fell

After a certain point, The Slime girls will start to use their science against you. They’ll swap your juice with your heart, deplete your juice, and lower your stats.

Omori Game Guide - Medusa Threw A Bottle

There’s even a point where they’’ inflict a random emotion on the party.

Omori Game Guide - Omori And Friends Come Together And Use Their Ultimate Attack

You should get about two or three good energy releases in during the course of the battle.

Omori Game Guide - Marina You Kids Are A Lot Tougher Than You Look

Once they change the group’s emotions, I wouldn’t worry about trying to get everyone back to happy. Just hit the Slime Girls with your hardest attacks, and they should go down easily.

Let’s recap. To defeat the Slime Girls in Omori:

  • Use Aubrey’s Team Spirit to make everyone happy.
  • Use Kel’s Annoy to make the slim girls angry.
  • The Slime Girls will stack their own anger on top of it, doing dull attacks to the party while Omori and friends hit them with moving attacks.
  • The Slime Girls will start using potions about halfway through to lower the party’s stats, swap juice, and heart, and do party-wide damage.
  • Keep Hero on healing duty.

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