Omori Boss Guide: Sir Maximus

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Omori Boss Guide Sir Maximus

Are you having trouble beating a boss in Omori? You’ll encounter Sir Maximus, part of the proud Maximus lineage that guards the Sweetheart Castle, after you complete one wing of the castle. He approaches you to tell you that he can see through your disguises and vows to take you down!

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Omori Game Guide Sir Maximus Stop Imposters

After finishing one wing of Sweetheart Castle, you’ll encounter Sir Maximus, who knows you’re not sprout moles.

Omori Game Guide I Am Sir Maximus

After talking about his impressive lineage, he challenges you to a battle.

Emotions Aren’t Needed

Omori Boss Guide Omori Stabs Sir Maximus

Sir Maximus is a really straightforward fight. He’s only a little tougher than the average sprout mole guard you’ve encountered. However, I still read a sad poem to Omori to do his sad + stab combo.

Sir Maximus Does Get Sad

Omori Boss Guide Sir Maximus Uses His Ultimate Attack 2

After realizing he’s not doing a good job, he becomes sad. You’re free to make your other party members angry to hit some moving attacks, but, again, it’s not necessary.

Sir Maximus Will Hit His Ultimate Attack

Omori Boss Guide Sir Maximus Uses His Ultimate Attack 2

No matter what you do, he will still unleash his ultimate attack. It’s a party-wide attack, so be prepared for everyone to take some damage.

Omori Boss Guide Aubrey Party Was Victorious

Defeating Sir Maximus will give you 800 EXP and 200 Clams.

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