Omori Boss Guide: Sir Maximus II

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Omori Boss Guide Sir Maximus II

Are you having trouble beating a boss in Omori? Sir Maximus II is out for vengeance for his fallen father. He’s a little sprier than his old man, so be prepared for a little healing.

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Omori Game Wiki Sir Maximus II I Am The Son Of Sir Maximus

After finishing another wing of Sweetheart’s Castle, you’re confronted by Sir Maximus II, who is angry about Omori and friends slaying his father.

Emotions Come Into Play

Omori Boss Guide Sir Maximus II Remembers His Father Dying Words

Unlike the Sir Maximus battle, where you can simply attack until he’s dead, you just take advantage of the emotion system to make quick work of Sir Maximus II. He makes himself sad after remembering his father’s dying words.

Use Multi-Hit Attacks

Omori Boss Guide Omori Slashes Wildly

Since Sir Maximus II will be sad relatively early in the fight, have Kel (or use an item) annoy Omori so he can hit moving attacks with his hack and slash.

Be Prepared For Sir Maximus II’s Ultimate Attack

Omori Boss Guide Omori Took 39 Damage

Despite the heavy damage you’re doing with Omori, Sir Maximus II will still hit his father’s ultimate attack. This does party-wide damage and could kill you if you’re not ready. However, if you did enough grinding throughout Sweetheart Castle (instead of avoiding guards), you should have enough HP to survive the encounter without the need for healing or defense at all.

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