Omori Boss Guide: Rare Bear

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Omori Boss Guide Rare Bear

Are you having trouble beating a boss in Omori? Do you remember the Rare Bear in Pyrefly Forest?

Omori Game Guide Rare Bear Slashes At Kel

When I first encountered the Rare Bear in Pyrefly Forest, I thought I had to come back for it for some reason. Maybe it was to finish the quest for the NPC who is looking for her teddy bear? All I know is I was nowhere near ready to take on this seemingly normal enemy.

Omori Game Guide Rare Bear Returning

As we ventured through Sweetheart’s Castle, we thought we had put the Rare Bear behind us as we beat on sprout moles. However, when searching for Sweetheart’s Password, an underground dungeon reveals a lair full of these terrifying creatures.

Omori Game Guide Do You Want To Release Those Creatures

You’ll see a button at the very left side of the hallway in the underground dungeon.

Omori Boss Guide Are You Really Want To Release Those Creatures

It will prompt you to press it again. I assumed the bears, with innocent-looking sprites, would be happy that I released them. However, that was not the case.

Omori Game Guide Swarmed With Creatures

I was instantly swarmed.

Omori Boss Guide Kel Uses Sparkler

When these bears swarm you, you have to fight them one after another. However, after rolling through sprout moles through Sweetheart’s Castle, my party was a little more prepared. Don’t do what I did. I thought I could make the bear happy, then make the rest of the party sad, so I could take less heart damage while dishing out some moving attacks.

Omori Game Guide Rare Bear Lets Out A Huge Roar

Unfortunately, the bear makes itself angry again.

Omori Game Guide Rare Bear Slashes At Kel 2nd

My next plan was to make everyone else happy. However, after the second bear, I ran out of items for party-wide happiness, and I only had Pep Talk equipped for Aubrey, so she could only make one person happy at a time.

Omori Game Guide Aubrey Team Spirit

After clearing through a couple of bears, I quickly opened the menu and switched out Pep Talk with Team Spirit. This makes Aubrey and another friend happy.

Omori Boss Guide Omori Slashes Wildly

I decided to make that friend Omori because he has Hack and Slash, a devastating multi-hit move. I would pair it with Aubrey’s Power Hit as she was happy to lower its defense. This helped me make a train through the rest of the bears. Hero was strictly on healing, with Kel on support keeping everyone’s juice up. I would occasionally have them hit an attack if I felt I was topped off for a turn from the Rare Bear.

Omori Game Guide Multiple Bears

Unfortunately, there’s no achievement for finishing off this onslaught of bears, but if you want to make sure you’re prepared for Sweetheart, you can leave the area and come back in. This respawns the bears. I suggest running to Mari to refresh hearts and juice before going back in.

Omori Game Guide Time To Refresh

The last Rare Bear you face is after the password statue. This is the Rare Bear you face to get the Teddy Bear for the quest in Pyrefly Forest.

Omori Game Guide Gey Bear

Employ the same strategy as before to make short work of this Rare Bear.

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