Omori Boss Guide: Pluto Expanded

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Omori Boss Guide Pluto Expanded

Are you having trouble beating a boss in Omori? Make sure you save in the elevator before heading up to Mr. Jawsum’s office because you’ll be dealing with two boss fights here.

Omori Boss Game Guide - Mr Jawsum You Can Come In Now PLUTO

After defeating Mr. Jawsum, he’ll call his second-best employee: Pluto.

Omori Boss Game Guide - PLUTO - I am Sorry Everyone - This Is The End Of The Road For You

While Pluto holds no ill-will towards the children, he must do his job.

Sad And Stab While Getting Setup

Omori Boss Game Guide - Kel Uses Jacks - PLUTO Expanded Took 25 Damage

While everyone’s getting set up for an all-out assault, have Omori make himself sad to land some critical hits on Pluto Expanded. Have Aubrey knock out a couple of head butts to lower his defense.

Omori Boss Game Guide - KEL Annoys PLUTO Expanded And PLUTO Feels ANGRY
Omori Boss Game Guide - Everyone Is Battle Ready

Once everyone is set up, and Pluto Expanded is properly debuffed, use an item to make everyone in the party happy, like confetti or a sparkler. I use Aubrey’s Team Spirit because it makes her and another party member happy. Once everyone is happy, use an item or Kel’s Annoy to make Pluto angry. This ensures he does dull damage to the party while you can hit him with moving attacks.

Pluto Expanded Stat Increase

Omori Boss Game Guide - PLUTO Expanded Took 97 Damage

After dealing a certain amount of damage to Pluto Expanded, he will increase his own stats.

Omori Boss Game Guide - PLUTO Muscles Intimidated You

However, he doesn’t do much with it except intimidate you. In fact, he never hit us enough for us to build energy.

Omori Boss Game Guide - Omori Slashes Wildly And Hit Pluto Right In The Heart

When everyone is happy/ecstatic/manic, go hard with multi-hit attacks. This takes down Pluto fast easily.

Omori Boss Game Guide - PLUTO - This Is The Defintion Of Power

You’ll get a funny little cutscene at the end of this battle, but I won’t ruin it for you.

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