Omori Boss Guide: King Crawler

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Omori Boss Guide King Crawler

Are you having trouble beating a boss in Omori? King Crawler is a boss encountered at the end of the Pyrefly Forest. After gathering all the wooden tracks, you’ll break through the barrier and head towards Sweetheart Castle. After you hop off the rails, you’ll see Pluto’s Spaceline, Mari’s Picnic Blanket, and a Mailbox to buy and sell items. That’s always an ominous sign.

After following a trail of incapacitated sprout moles, you’ll encounter King Crawler himself.

Be Prepared For AoE Damage

Omori Boss Guide Ormori took 9 damage lost 9 juice Aubrey took 29 damage

Omori and friends will take party-wide damage from King Crawler, so have Hero ready with Snack Time. Using Omori’s Sad Poem helps him get a couple of hard stabs in will help once King Crawler becomes happy.

Kill The Sprout Mole

Omori Boss Guide Omori Stabs King Crawler Right In The Heart

One of the important things you need to watch out for during the King Crawler fight is killing the sprout mole as soon as it appears. The reason you want to do this is, King Crawler will consume it for a boost and replenish its health. You don’t want that.

King Crawler Isn’t Difficult

Omori Boss Guide Omori And Friends Come Together And Use Their Ultimate Attack
Omori Boss Guide You Got 487 Clams Found Tofu Sprout Mole Masks

Even though it’s made up of corpses of sprout moles, King Crawler isn’t too difficult. Even if he consumes the sprout mole and replenishes its health, one unleash energy should do the trick (once you get to that point).

Now you’re free to head down to Sprout Mole Village.

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