Omori Boss Guide: King Carnivore

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Omori Boss Guide King Carnivore

Are you having trouble beating a boss in Omori? King Carnivore is a boss where, if you’re not prepared, can wipe your entire party. Make sure you have some Life Jam on you in case Hero is toasted and cannot use his Homemade Jam ability if one of your party members are down.

Be Prepared To Be Ecstatic

Omori Boss Guide Aubrey attacks Root And Whiffed

There’s no fighting the emotions King Carnivore gives you. Every couple of turns, he will do an AoE that raises your happiness. Hero, Kel, and Aubrey will become ecstatic, but Omori can go up to manic. Be ready to miss a lot.

Focus Down The Roots

Omori Boss Guide Root Absorbs Nutrients And Recovered 47 Hearts

The roots in this fight will “absorb nutrients,” not only healing themselves but King Carnivore himself. Don’t worry about trying to hit AoE damage to hit both roots and King Carnivore himself; it’s best to focus your strongest attacks on the roots. I wouldn’t suggest making King Carnivore angry yet to hit moving attacks on him because he can already almost one-shot the party, even if he does dull attacks.

Be Prepared To Miss, But When You Hit, It’ll Be Devastating

Omori Boss Guide Kel attacks King Carnivore And Whiffed

You’re going to miss, and you’re going to miss a lot. However, once the vines are both down, you use a present or annoy to make King Carnivore angry so you can start hitting devastating attacks. He won’t attack you much at this point, so don’t rely on building energy to hit the release energy.

Omori Boss Guide Omori Slashed Wildly
Omori Boss Guide Omori Hit Right In The Heart Of King Carnivore

Kel’s Run ‘N Gun and Omori’s Hack Away should make short work of King Carnivore. He does have a lot of heart, so lower his defense and only have Hero attack if you’re all topped off with hearts and juice.

Omori Boss Guide Omori Party Was Victorious 13000 Exp and 3000 Clams

Once you beat King Carnivore, you’ll get a good chunk of EXP and Clams.

Omori Boss Guide Green Melons
Omori Boss Guide You Got Life Jam

The items King Carnivore was guarding wasn’t really worth the trip, but the EXP and clam rewards were.

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