Omori And Basil Fanart

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Omori And Basil Fanart
Omori And Basil Fanart

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Omori and Basil clearly have a special relationship in the game. This was already hinted at by official Omori art we’ve followed for the past seven years. Since Omori revolves so much around art, it’s no surprise fan artists have come out of the woodwork to showcase their skills. Let’s take a look at some of the best Omori and Basil fanart we’ve found on Twitter by the original artists.

When it comes to Omori and Basil, people artists really captured Omori’s unique color scheme:

Some artists even put a unique spin on Omori and Basil’s look:

Others remembered that Omori is still a horror game, so they captured that theme with some of Basil’s art:

Some Basil fanart from Omori really pop out:

There are so many talented artists drawing their takes on Omori and Basil; which ones are your favorites?

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