Obsidian Shares More Details on The Outer Worlds’ First DLC

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The Outer Worlds Peril On Gorgon Trailer
The Outer Worlds Peril On Gorgon Trailer

Game developer Obsidian has shared more information about the first DLC pack for The Outer Worlds.

The development studio made an appearance during yesterday’s Xbox game showcase in which it shared a look at its upcoming game Grounded, announced new fantasy RPG Avowed, and announced the first DLC for The Outer Worlds; Peril On Gorgon.

Obsidian has since shared more details about the DLC pack to Polygon, revealing that the DLC is “fully integrated” with the main game and is about as long as the Monarch hub in the game which is around eight hours long.

Most of the DLC will take place on the planet Gorgon, a canyon with a Spacer’s Choice facility built into cliffs that is hiding a big mystery, but players will also have to return to previous areas and explore various dungeons.

Players are given complete freedom over how they navigate the DLC’s mystery and Obsidian have managed to create a mystery which can be solved even if the player murders all suspects and characters involved.

A Unique Obsidian Mystery

Speaking to Polygon, The Outer Worlds game director and senior narrative designer Carrie Patel said: “We’re really pushing some of the revelations and some of the bigger narrative feeds where you’re learning about the stuff that has really influenced life [in the solar system of] Halcyon… and [your companions] definitely have feelings about it.

“There’s one particular possible murder that – as weird as it sounds to say – I’m really proud of the team for. I don’t want to spoil it, but when you try it, you’ll know it when you find it.”

Matt Hansen, the Project Act Director of the game, said: “It’s really fun having to design around the implication of knowing that the player can show up, kill the primary quest-giver for the first time, before you even get to talk to her, and hen having to design interesting, engaging fallbacks for that inevitability. Because it is an inevitability.

“Everyone will take any opportunity they can to make our lives a little harder with that stuff,” he added.

The DLC was designed for the later stages of the game before the final few missions. However, the rewards players earn can be used outside of the DLC pack and the planet of Gorgon. The pack will feature three new science weapons including the Pest Extermination Tool melee tool which pulls enemies in to make it easier to tackle them.

Peril On Gorgon will release on September 9th, 2020, at £15 for Xbox One, PC, and the PS4. The DLC will reportedly launch on the Nintendo Switch at a later date, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Finally, a season pass can be purchased for £25 which will include both The Outer Worlds DLC packs.

Check back later for more details on The Outer Worlds DLC packs, and news of the developer’s upcoming games Grounded and Avowed.

Image Credit: The Outer Worlds Peril On Gorgon Trailer

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  1. The Outer Worlds is really something different: it’s super original, immersive and it looks great. I was really looking forward to some DLCs, and this one sounds very interesting so far. I hope Peril on Gorgon lives up to my expectations. The new science weapons and the mystery sound great, but I would also like to see them expand on the world-building aspect.

  2. Great info, Fabio! I am already loving the way The Outer Worlds looks. Glad to hear about the first DLC.

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