Night Call

Game Description

The Moon sinks in Paris, the streets are packed with night and enigmatic concerns lost in the background. The only lights that shield the night are the flickering streetlights, the cigarette light and the headlights of those faithful people who choose to travel the dark rainy Paris days.

Among all these people, there is a black armor warrior, with the guilt of his life, in a crucifixion against his will over someone who wanted to kill him. He is an inspector who is going to support the passers-by of the Parisian night with all his internal forces. He is going to pursue the serial murderer, who almost murdered him accidentally.

In general, Nightcall is described as the routine that a private inspector may have. You’re heading out to do your round dinner. You have 6.5 hours to gather as many details from the perpetrator as necessary. You will listen to clients’ tips, contact witnesses, read the papers, listen to the radio, speak to an employee of the service station to see if he noticed something.

In the end, we will be collecting and reviewing the most important details and clues in our home where we have to arrange the checks, the data, the signs, the suspects, and the moves by using a traditional threaded cork.

The first couple of nights would be smoother, and we will have less motivation to get to know the game. However, things get complicated on the fourth or fifth day, so we have to be professional to maximize the time to take or to offer the client as much guidance as necessary.

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