New Rumours Suggest ‘Bloodborne’ Is Getting A PS5 Remaster And PC Release

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Bloodborne video game
Bloodborne video game

New rumours that have begun circulating this week are suggesting that PS4 exclusive Bloodborne is getting a PS5 remaster and may be coming to PC.

According to the rumours, the PS5 remaster and PC port may be being developed by Bluepoint Games, a developer known for making remasters such as Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

The rumours began to circulate over the weekend after streamer CaseyExplosion claimed that a Steam listing for Bloodborne had appeared. CaseyExplosion then offered to donate money to a racial justice charity if an industry insider shared information on future remasters and ports of the game.

Not long after, CaseyExplosion shared a screenshot of a $110 donation to the National Bail Fund Network, alongside the tweet: “I not only know it’s coming to PC, I even know who’s doing the port.” Later that same day, CaseyExplosion shared another tweet confirming that the game was being remastered, info she reportedly received from a trusted source. However, CaseyExplosion refused to share any more details.

In additional tweets, CaseyExplosion stated that the remaster and PC port would have been announced at Sony’s PS5 showcase event that was scheduled for June 4th. Unfortunately, the event was postponed indefinitely and no new date has been announced.

YouTuber PC Gaming Inquisition then claimed that the PC port was being developed as a joint effort between Bluepoint Games and QLOC. Following this, several industry analysts shared additional details.

A user known as Nibellion on Twitter claimed the PC port and PS5 remaster will be coming out “soon” and include better textures, better models, faster loading times, as well as several quality-of-life improvements. It will also support 60 frames per second and 4K visuals.

Nibellion also claimed that many other PlayStation exclusives may be released on PC following the launch of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Bluepoint Games’ Other Remake

Although many users expressed excitement at the rumours, some people on the social media platform pointed to existing rumours that the team at Bluepoint Games are allegedly working on a remake of the PS3 exclusive Demon’s Souls.

When a user asked Nibellion if the Bluepoint’s rumoured project is a Bloodborne remake rather than a Demon’s Souls remake, Nibellion stated that the “Demon’s Souls remake is happening”.

There have been rumours of a Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls remake and PC post for several years, and Bluepoint Games have been teasing that they’ve been working on a big project for the PlayStation 5 console.

If true, we may eventually see an official announcement at Sony’s rescheduled PS5 game showcase. Until then, we’ll have to take this with a pinch of salt.

Image Credit: Sony PlayStation YouTube

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