New Phasmophobia Update Brings Bug Fixes, Quality Of Life Improvements, And Ghost AI Changes

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New Phasmophobia Update Brings Bug Fixes, Quality Of Life Improvements, And Ghost AI Changes
New Phasmophobia Update Brings Bug Fixes, Quality Of Life Improvements, And Ghost AI Changes

Kinetic Game, the developer behind Phasmophobia, keeps the game updated regularly on its beta branch. All of their beta updates go through an experimental phase to see if it’s ready to move into the game’s main build. Many people believe Phasmophobia is not regularly updated, but that’s because the main game’s build goes months without any updates before they roll the working beta changes to the game. If you want to test new experimental changes, you have to switch to the beta version of Phasmophobia.

New Phasmophobia Update - Adding items to your inventory

Phasmophobia has new quality of life improvements such as being able to “add all” of an item to your inventory, entering the room invite code with the keyboard numpad, and added a server region prefix on the invite code, so you don’t have to leave the lobby, and delaying the truck door closing to prevent trolling.

New Phasmophobia Update - Gameplay Improvements

Some gameplay improvements include the whiteboard no longer telling players if it’s an alone or group ghost on professional difficulty, increasing the brightness of the glow sticks, and dead players no longer affecting the average sanity.

New Phasmophobia Update - Temperature Changes

One of the most significant changes is the temperature changes. Take a look at the details of the new temperature changes on the main build of Phasmophobia:

  • Lowering the rate, the Thermometer updates its temperature from 1 second to 2 seconds.
  • Slightly increased the temperature variations that show on the Thermometer.
  • All rooms will now start with slightly different temperatures.
  • If the power is off, every room’s temperature will now slowly drop to 5C/41F.
  • If the power is on, the temperature in every room will slowly rise unless the ghost is in the room where it will still drop.
  • Professional Difficulty: Due to the power starting off, the room temperatures will start at 5C/41F.
  • Each room will now change its temperature at slightly different speeds.
  • Lowered the speed that temperature raises in rooms once the power is on.
  • Lowered the speed that the ghost lowers the temperature in the room it’s in.
  • Freezing temperature ghosts will now reduce the room temperature at the same speed as other ghosts. This means that when the power is off, all rooms, including the ghost room, will drop at a similar speed.

The temperature changes were so substantial because they want players to rely less on the thermometer and more on other items such as the parabolic microphone changes.

Update: Phasmophobia update June 2021

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