New Details Of ‘Resident Evil 8’ Leak

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Resident Evil 8 Launch
Resident Evil 8 Launch

*The below information has not been confirmed and should be taken as rumours*

A slew of recent leaks has unveiled new information about the unannounced Resident Evil 8 video game.

The leaks were shared on Resident Evil website Biohazard Declassified who reportedly received the details from inside sources. According to the site, Resident Evil 8 will feature a brand name playable character called Emily alongside Ethan Winters from Resident Evil 7.

Biohazard Declassified claims that the parts of the game will be played as Emily, a Mountain Resident in her 20s who is looking for her father. Emily grew up in the village the game takes place in. Emily will help Ethan and the pair will reportedly work together to find and rescue Emily’s father.

The leaks claim that the game’s main villain is a man named Alan R. who is described as “a mysterious count living in a castle” and is the leader or a high-ranking member of The Connections. Resident Evil 8 will reportedly feature a second villains Natalia Korda and Dr Alex Wesker.

Players will be tasked with exploring the Village as well as additional locations such as castles, forests, and caves, according to the leaks. Compared to past games, Resident Evil 8 reportedly has a larger focus on “outdoor” locations.

The enemies in the game will include zombies, dogs, wolves, and Licker-style creatures. There will also be zombies with weapons, what has been described as “beast men”, as well as werewolf-like enemies and a Witch.

As previously reported, the leaks reinforce that occultism will play a large part in the game. However, there will be no magic. Resident Evil 8 will feature a cult that reportedly worships creatures developed from the game’s new virus.

Resident Evil 8 Story Spoilers

The leaks also included heavy story spoilers. According to Biohazard Declassified, characters Mia and Ethan from Resident Evil 7 have a child but due to their infections from the events of the game, their child is deformed.

The couple tries to hide the child in a remote home but longtime Resident Evil character Chris Redfield tracks them down, kills the child and shoots Mia. Shortly after, Ethan is abducted by several mysterious figures and taken to The Village where the game’s events take place.

There have been tons of rumours and leaks regarding the unofficial Resident Evil 8 game and it’s hard to determine whether or not they’re actually true. For the time being, it’s important to take these leaks with a grain of salt as the information isn’t official and may still change.

What’s more, Capcom hasn’t officially announced Resident Evil 8. There were rumours that the game was going to be announced at Sony’s PS5 game showcase earlier this week but the event was postponed indefinitely due to the current protests over the death of George Floyd. However, we may see an official announcement at Sony’s rescheduled PS5 showcase when that happens, or possibly at some point over the Summer Game Fest which runs through to August. Keep checking back for more information.

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  1. Oooh I get so excited when there’s a leak out about a game! Thanks for letting us know about the leak for Resident Evil 8.

    P.S. I’m going to be very disappointed if there’s not a final confrontation b/t Chris and Leon at the end.

  2. I just watched Resident Evil last night on tv, I’ve never played any of their games, maybe I should start with Resident Evil 8? What do you guys think?

  3. WOOOOOW! Those are massive story spoilers and now I’m even more exited tan before for this game. Well August is almost over hope to have a release date any time soon! Never been disappointed for a resident evil, it’s great to see the improvements through the years so expectations are high!

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