New Content Drop Will Completely Overhaul Phasmophobia

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New Content Drop Will Completely Overhaul Phasmophobia

We’ve already covered Horror 2.0. Now, it’s time to cover the new content drop coming in Phasmophobia. The game needs to compete with the recently released Ghost Hunters Corps that’s brought a new level of horror to the newly popular ghost hunting genre. Phasmophobia has been around for a year now and there have been many changes.

Phasmophobia Truck Monitor and controls

However, there haven’t been too many changes to the core game. While the game itself is scary, we’ve played through Ghost Hunters Corps and, despite the bugs of an early release game, it’s far more terrifying than Phasmophobia. The scares in Phasmophobia have become predictable, but you never know what’s going to happen in Ghost Hunters Corps. Fortunately, Kinetic Games has brought aboard some new additions to the team to work on a complete overhaul of Phasmophobia. Here is the list associated with the new content drop in Phasmophobia:

  • New Ghost Type(s)
  • New Evidence Type(s)
  • New Equipment Type(s)
  • New Map(s)

We’re hoping they change the ghost models in Phasmophobia to look like actual ghosts. The ghosts in Ghost Hunters Corps were clearly made to be ghosts. The ghosts in models in Phasmophobia were taken from zombie assets.

Phasmophobia Ghost Activity Indicator

New ghost types are an interesting idea because we’ve covered so many different types of ghosts, so it’ll be intriguing to see what creative combinations of ghosts they can come up with. It won’t be too difficult to come up with new ghosts because of the new evidence types they will also release.

Phasmophobia Scene Prison Floor

If you’ve played Ghost Hunters Corps, you’ll see a wide variety of equipment you haven’t seen in Phasmophobia. We’re hoping Phasmophobia brings in even more variety to make the game more interesting.

Phasmophobia Entering the Storage Room Willow Street

Now the best news about the new content drop in Phasmophobia is the introduction of new maps. Right now, we only have one large map in the Asylum, and a handful of small maps, and two medium-sized maps. We like the idea of an apartment, a mansion, or even a graveyard for outdoor ghost hunting.

Phasmophobia Scanning for Ghost Activity

It looks like Ghost Hunters Corp lit a fire under Kinetic Games to finally promise new content. We’ll have to see if Phasmopobia’s changes can make it the king of the ghost hunting genre that it was.

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