NBA 2K21 Will Have Three Athletes On The Cover

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NBA 2K21 Video Game
NBA 2K21 Video Game

A new season means new sports games. While Electronic Arts has already started the announcement period with the first look at FIFA 21, 2K Games did the same a few days before with NBA 2K21, the new series of its quintessential basketball simulator.

“NBA 2K21” as the successful series is entering its next round this year. As announced today, “NBA 2K21” will be provided with a total of three cover stars, which will be presented in the coming week.

But that’s not all. Another good news is it will be available for the new generation consoles as well. However, there are still many unanswered questions, such as, which will be the three athletes who will star on the cover of this edition.

In a press release, 2K recalled that Anthony Davis, a basketball player who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers (NBA), revealed on the NBA 2K TikTok channel that next week the identities of the three athletes who will be part of the cover of NBA 2K21. The announcement will be made in stages, from Tuesday, June 30 to Thursday, July 2.

The new platform will become a reference where fans around the world will be able to consult the latest information on  NBA 2K21  and exclusive content.

Anthony Davis was the cover image for NBA 2K20. The saga begins its promotion campaign by opening two new channels on social networks.

It is where you can follow all the information on the game, as well as receive “exclusive and updated content”, My TEAM codes, contests, etc. From now on, it is possible to access the NBA 2K channels on Twitter and NBA 2K on Instagram.

New Versions With Technological Improvements

A new generation of consoles is about to arrive. It is something that new games to come will benefit from. NBA 2K21 showed his first trailer in the event of presentation of PlayStation in May.

Although, the game will also be released on Xbox X Series. According to the developer, this version has been built from scratch to squeeze the features out of the new systems.

To no one’s surprise, the burden of load times will disappear. This is because the new SSD hard drives offer the possibility of much faster systems.

The NBA 2K21 trailer contains no fans to cheer it on, making it the most realistic description of this year’s actual NBA 2020 up to now. It features Zion Williamson.

Inside the trailer, you will see him alone, just him with his basketball, and a lot of sweat.

Here, we’re going to see more real game footage of this game developed by Visual Concepts. Also, we will probably see it before the game launches.

NBA 2K21 does not have a specific release date, but it will arrive throughout 2020.

NBA 2K games usually release in September, and we expect it for the older platforms first. It means that if you wish the more engaging next-gen version, you may need to wait a little more.

Image credit: NBA 2K21, Sony Playstation.

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  1. Well, I’ve seen my boyfriend show so much enthusiasm regarding this game. I mean even with the previous versions, and all basketball fan guys could go on the whole day discussing the actual franchise and play the game. I hope whoever they did choose are people really iconic to the game! I think that’s what people want.

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