More Evidence Ideas For Phasmophobia

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More Evidence Ideas For Phasmophobia
More Evidence Ideas For Phasmophobia

Some rounds in Phasmophobia go really quickly. It’s almost mechanical at this point. Players sweep the haunted locations with an EMF reader and thermometer, locate the ghost’s room, and start dumping items into it. Depending on how active the ghost is, the evidence is normally found within the first five minutes, and many parties don’t want to stick around to get the optional objectives. That’s why it might be worth looking into adding more evidence to collect in Phasmophobia.


Nobody likes mold, especially in a nice single-story home like Tanglewood Street. Mold doesn’t grow instantly. If the mold does grow instantly, then it could be a sign of something supernatural. Imagine walking into a room and seeing mold grow on the walls quickly.

Dying Plants

Plants do die quickly. Even if you rip them from their food source, they stay green for a while. Now imagine you walk into a haunted location, see a perfectly green plant, then walk by it a minute later to see it has completely withered. What would make this piece of evidence more fun to play with in Phasmophobia is for players to carry these plants into the suspected ghost room to see if it withers instantly.

Scratches On The Wall

Ghost handprints are kind of boring. They just take their hand and place it flatly against a door or light switch like it’s a sci-fi hand reader. Violent ghosts should make themselves known with ghostly scratch marks on doors, walls, or windows. Kinetic Game could make it even creepier by recording different ghostly sounds that play when a ghost is scratching something up. Imagine if we could also see the scratch marks on a player’s back.

What other pieces of evidence do you want to see in Phasmophobia?

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