Minecraft Creators Release New Name and Logo

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Minecraft Creators Release New Name and Logo | Game Dom
Minecraft Creators Release New Name and Logo | Game Dom

Finally, the Minecraft developer revealed its new name and new logo. It is a makeover that aims to boost the Minecraft brand and more. It will become an interesting move just before the launch of Minecraft Dungeons.

11 years of Mojang, now Mojang Studios

Founded by Markus Persson “Notch” in 2009, Mojang (which in Swedish would mean “junk”) was born to continue shaping a Minecraft. At that time, it had become a massive success despite being the work of a single developer.

But Markus began to weigh all the expectations that had been generated around him. Therefore, he agreed to sell his work and his studio to Microsoft in 2014 for the dizzying figure of $ 2.5 billion. Since then, the game has continued to grow unstoppably on all platforms. It has regular free and paid content. It remains an attractive option for new players and veterans around the world. Thanks to its infinite sandbox nature.

The Sweden company said that the name and logo changed was originated from the developer’s recent internal expansion through multiple games and video game studios, such as Minecraft Dungeons. The company’s new logo is inspired by the Swedish language for gadgets, “Mojangs.”

With this branding, the company wants to go beyond Minecraft or explore new possibilities. After Minecraft Earth and Minecraft Dungeons, we may find a strategy game or perhaps something far from the Minecraft signature.

It is expected that Xbox Game Studios will have the seal of Mojang Studio. The company wants to prove that they are much more than Minecraft.

The Latest Success of Minecraft

The decision to change the name is, of course, has a cause behind it. In fact, Minecraft has received massive players lately.

The “Minecraft” sandbox has become larger in quarantine, like many other video games. Microsoft has reported that it exceeded 200 million copies sold, reaching 126 million players per month.

Thus, it consolidates its position as the best-selling game in the history of video games. It is above the 120 million copies sold by GTA V. Also, according to data from the company, in April, it registered an increase in users of 25%.

The open-world game allows you to build your worlds and find objects and places. The title has been developed by the Swedish company Mojang AB. This is not Minecraft’s first hit. In 2016, its sales had exceeded 100 million units. Besides, the game is the title with the most audience on YouTube.

Minecraft at school

In late March, the Polish government chose “Minecraft” as an educational tool to include during the quarantine. The initiative is carried out by the Polish Ministry of Digitization.

It consists of a server full of educational proposals for young people to do from home. They include online classes, question and answer programs with the content on Polish history and geography, and even online role-playing sessions.

The project is named Grarantanna, a mix of the Polish words “gra,” game, and ” kwarantanna,” quarantine. The Polish government did not devise it only for children but encourages primary schools, secondary schools, and universities to enter and create their own digital worlds.

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  1. I don’t know why, but I am not crazy about the new logo from Mojang Studios by the Minecraft Creators. I feel they could have done more with it.

  2. Maybe they were trying to incorporate a more Minecrafty feel to it? I’m not too huge about it but I don’t hate it either. As long as they produce great work it’s fine by me.

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