Microsoft Has The Perfect Response To Xbox Series S Leak

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Microsoft Has The Perfect Response To Xbox Series S Leak
Microsoft Has The Perfect Response To Xbox Series S Leak

It looks like we didn’t have to wait very long for the price of its next-generation Xbox console once the PlayStation 5 announced their prices. It seems both Sony and Microsoft were waiting for each other out to see which one would crack first. Unfortunately, it didn’t look like Microsoft had much of a choice after a leak not only revealed the price but a console we didn’t expect: The Xbox Series S.

For almost a year, since the Xbox Series X was announced, people have been making fun of it for looking like a mini-refrigerator that couldn’t fit on anyone’s current entertainment center. However, since the Xbox Series S trailer was leaked yesterday, everyone’s been having a field day with memes. Looking at the image without any context makes one wonder if Microsoft just refurbished a pair of speakers and turned it into a next-generation game system with no disc drive.

Xbox Series S – World Premiere Reveal Trailer

Since there was nothing Microsoft could do about the leak, they ended up making their official announcement over their Twitter account, which confirmed the existence of the Xbox Series S platform. The Xbox Series S looks to be the all-digital version of the Xbox Series X, except much smaller and only selling for an incredible $299. The Xbox Series S will have 4k upscaling, 1440p 120 fps, RatTracing, and a custom 512 GB SSD. Compared to the Xbox Series X, it looks like the Xbox Series S will just be a little weaker with less GPU power and less RAM, but we will have to wait until an official side-by-side comparison. Right now, it looks like the only thing keeping the Xbox Series S back is the GPU and ram, so that might justify the price for many people. For now, we’ll have to laugh at Microsft’s perfect response to the Xbox Series S leak. 

You can see Microsoft’s response through its Xbox Twitter account here.

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