Microsoft Flight Simulator

Game Description

Microsoft Flight Simulator (already recognized as Flight Simulator 2020), FS2020, is an Asobo Studio flight simulator that will be launched for Windows 10 on August 18, 2020, by Xbox Game Studios. The beta is expected for Xbox One at a later date. You can buy the game in advance from 13 July 2020.

It is the 11th entry in the Microsoft Flight Simulator X series. The game simulates the entire Earth using Bing Maps textures and topographical details. Using Microsoft Azure technologies, three-dimensional depictions of world features such as ground, trees, building, and water can be created.

Flight Simulator uses the ASOBO simulation engine, which leverages knowledge from bing maps, which Azure’s AI is examining photogrammetry and data processing to create 3D digital images of houses, plants, land, etc. It enables the simulator to create 3D photorealistic and other high-definition areas of the environment. Both climates and physical structures will still be accessible, and forecast details from the modern world can be included.

One explanation given at E3 2019 was that it would experience the rain in the game, just like if it rained in real life. This has been reported that each cloud would have its own actions that can influence the aircraft’s output based on where it is positioned in the network.

The Flight Simulator can bring cars on the highways, water can float dynamically according to the wind, and the trees will have different leaves, providing the impression of a living planet. It would have over two million towns and communities and over 40,000 real-world airports.