‘Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’ Is Not Insomniac’s Next Game, Insider Claims

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Spiderman 2 Video Game
Spiderman 2 Video Game

New rumours claim that Insomniac Games’ next release – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – is not going to be the sequel to their 2018 hit Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Sony is set to air its PS5 game showcase tonight and unveil a plethora of titles. Many fans are hoping for announcements of Horizon Zero Dawn 2, Resident Evil 8, Silent Hill, and a sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Unfortunately,  Bloomberg reporter and video game insider Jason Schreier suggested that Insomnia Games will be releasing a different game first, ComicBook reports. Responding to CNBC Technology editor Steve Kovach’s question on whether Insomniac will announce a sequel tonight, Schrier responded in a now-deleted tweet by saying: “Insomniac’s got another game coming first!”

Schrier’s response, which has now been deleted for some reason, sparked speculation on what Insomnia will be releasing and whether or not their current project will make an appearance at tonight’s event.

Some of the rumours floating around include a new Ratchet & Clank game which is thought to launch with the new console or something in the vein of its Resistance video game which launched with the PS3 console back in 2006.

Many fans expressed disappointment over the news that we may not see a new Spider-Man game for a few more years. However, the rumour does not mean that a sequel to the 2018 hit game isn’t in production. Marvel’s Spider-Man was huge for the development studio and Insomniac was bought by Sony only last year, so the studio is likely working hard on a sequel which we may see in a few years or even possibly later this year.

Luckily, as will all rumours that have been circulating recently, we don’t have a long time to wait as Sony’s PS5 event is just a few short hours away.

Amazon’s Price Leak Error

Yesterday, we reported that several placeholder listings for the PS5 console, priced at £599.99, and PS5 video games appeared on Amazon before being swiftly removed. Amazon has today spoke on the listings, calling them an “error”.

Speaking to IGN, Amazon UK confirmed that the listing “was priced as a dummy product with a dummy price”. According to IGN, Amazon often creates “dummy” listings ahead of announcements so the leaked pricing should not be taken seriously, particularly as Sony has yet to confirm the price of their console.

Although the console won’t be featured in the showcase tonight, Sony has stated that it’s planned a series of other reveal events that will be held within the coming months, offering a better insight into the PS5 console.

We’ve got the official specs, we’ve seen the new DualSense controller, and we’re seeing games tonight. Within the coming months, we can expect Sony to officially unveil the console, share its price, announce its official release date, and share glimpses of the console’s new UI. So we recommend you stay tuned to keep up-to-date on everything next-gen.

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