‘Marvel’s Iron Man VR’ Already Has a Launch Trailer

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Marvel Iron Man VR Video Game
Marvel Iron Man VR Video Game

The 2008 movie ‘Iron Man’ starring Robert Downey Jr, was the door to create the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has more than 20 films to date. Still, this first production went through some problems that became anecdotal such as the lack of dialogue in the script. Perhaps, it is one of the strangest that Paul Bettany did not know that he worked on ‘Iron Man,’ since he only lent his voice to JARVIS artificial intelligence.

This first adaptation of Tony Stark on the big screen had some significant changes regarding his version of the comics. Among the most important was JARVIS, who was shown as artificial intelligence that served his creator. In contrast, in the Jarvis comics, he is Tony’s butler and subsequently the Avengers tower, but it was decided to change it to show no similarities to Alfred, Bruce Wayne’s butler.

Iron Man on Playstation VR

This year 2020 comes a new adventure for the superhero with the most famous armor of the modern era: you.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR is the latest virtual reality offering from Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC, Marvel, and Camouflaj for the PlayStation VR. Here, it’s your turn to put on the costume created by Tony Stark to combat the most powerful Iron Man enemies in intense Action-packed battles that take the term “first-person” to new heights.

Did you always want to know what it feels like to fly? The company promises a virtual reality experience out of this world: “soar through the skies and feel the explosion of speed while experiencing the joy that gives you the freedom to fly,” they say about this action game to which they have also referred as “highly visceral.”

In the new title, created exclusively for the PlayStation VR, you will use the PlayStation Move motion controls to combat the mysterious Ghost. She is an anti-corporate hacker who reuses old weapons from Stark Industries. You will also interact with iconic characters and fight against terrible supervillains, in addition to visiting some places that will be familiar to you.

And since here you are Tony Stark, you can modify the suit. You also have the capabilities to create a completely personalized and unique armor, with increasingly better weapons and technology that will allow you to emerge victorious from each frenetic combat.

If all this sounds interesting to you, we have good news: starting this Friday, July 3, you can have Marvel’s Iron Man VR  in your hands.

Tony Stark’s garage

In Camouflaj, they were aware that they could not leave out the protagonist’s garage, the place where Tony experiments and builds his inventions. “We knew it had to be a place where players could fantasize about Tony Stark’s inventive facet. We wanted the garage to allow players to move around and improve the armor to make it more powerful as they progressed throughout the campaign, without losing the sense of style, “explained Yara Abou Samra, producer of the game. Therefore, here we can improve armor and wear new colors.

The story is essential in Marvel’s Iron Man VR, but how long will it last? According to the estimates of the study, it will last approximately 8 hours. The initial idea is that it was a game of about 4 hours, but after the internal tests carried out, in the end, they have practically doubled.

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