Marvel’s Avengers Dates Its Beta: The Avengers On PS4

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Marvels Avengers pre order items
Marvels Avengers pre order items

Marvel’s Avengers is getting closer. There is no doubt that after the brutal gameplay was shown last month, there is a lot of desire to get the hang of the adventures of the Avengers.

Today is a celebration since the developer has officially announced the beta that will open for the expected title. Besides, they have also dropped the date for new streaming, or as they call it, War Table, which will be held on July 29 at 10:00 am PDT presenting a second foray into the War Zone.

The beta release will only be for a few days since PC, and Xbox One users will also be able to enjoy the new work of the authors of the most recent adventures of the Tomb Raider saga.

Also, its creative director Shaun Escayg has dropped that this beta will offer a bit of everything: campaign content, cooperative missions, character progression and exploration of the War Zone and Drop Zone zones, the latter being a new model of tasks that It has not yet been revealed and will be detailed in the presentation on the 29th.

Marvel’s Avengers Beta Release Date

The Marvel’s Avengers beta will kick off on August 7 on PlayStation 4, only available to those who have pre-ordered the video game. Just a week later, on August 14, Xbox One and PC players who have also reserved the new Crystal Dynamics will be able to access the beta, while in the case of the Sony console, any player will be able to enjoy this tests period.

Starting on August 21, the beta will be open to everyone and will support cross-platform play. We will have to wait until July 29 to know in detail all the contents that this beta will offer. Still, the creative director of Marvel’s Avengers has assured that in it, players will find a bit of all the experience that this video game from Los Avengers, including cooperative and campaign missions, war zone exploration, skill progression, etc.

So, here is the timeline

  • August 7, 2020: Beta only for those who have reserved the game on PS4.
  • August 14: Beta for those who have reserved the game on Xbox One and PC. Open beta for all PS4 players.
  • August 21: Open beta for all players on all platforms on which Marvel’s Avengers will be made available at launch.

“We designed the beta in such a way that you can experience most of what you will find in the full game,” said Marvel’s Avengers Creative Director, who nevertheless advises that this beta “is only a small part of what the game will be once completed. ” Just a few days ago, the development team talked about the variety of missions in Marvel’s Avengers, and within the framework of a special event, presented the villain and many other details of the game.

There is less left for the launch of Marvel’s Avengers to take place at the beginning of September. But without a doubt, the wait will be much lighter thanks to the publication of its beta. It will allow us to enjoy first-hand all the virtues that it will show off the game.

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  1. I just pre-ordered Marvel’s Avengers and it’d better deliver because I picked up the deluxe version and don’t want a repeat of the living nightmare known as WWE 2K20. I’ve been hankering for a multi-hero game since the great games of Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2.

  2. The Avengers looks like a solid game! My husband is going to go nuts for this since he loves the Avengers (huge comic nerd).

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