Looks Like Everyone Was Confused About The PlayStation 5’s Backward Compatibility

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Looks Like Everyone Was Confused About The PlayStation 5's Backward Compatibility
Looks Like Everyone Was Confused About The PlayStation 5's Backward Compatibility

When we heard the Xbox Series X would be backward compatible with older Xbox titles dating back to the original Xbox, all eyes turned to Sony. Microsoft flexed with a decently-sized backward-compatible game library (that doesn’t include EVERYTHING, but it’s still not bad), and, in typical console war fashion, people were expecting some news from Sony.

Sony gave us the equivalent of a “nodding head” before walking away to let us speculate like wild dogs which games we were going to be able to play for the PlayStation 5. There are some decent launch titles for the PlayStation 5, and there’s even more, coming in 2021, but some of us want to take a walk down memory lane because we were the type of people who traded in our old systems to upgrade.

Either that, or we do have our old systems, but they’re the equivalent of a costly brick. They don’t turn on anymore, or we have televisions we turn on with our eyeballs that don’t have the right hookups in the back. Who misses matching the colors of the audiovisual cables?

Yes, we wanted to dust off our old PlayStation discs, slide it sensually into the PlayStation 5, and start reminiscing about a time where our parents bought our video game systems for us. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. That’s far from the case. It’s so far from the case that Jim Ryan, the boss of Sony’s PlayStation division, confirmed the PS5 will only be backward compatible with PS4 games.

Not only that, but it won’t even be backward compatible with all the PS4 games. That means no PlayStation one, two, or three titles. You can play some of them through PlayStation NOW, but who has the bandwidth for that?

Looks like your Ape Escape is going to have to sit in the closet for now.

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