Look Forward To Resident Evil Village At Tokyo Game Show 2020

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Resident Evil Village Video Game
Resident Evil Village Video Game

Officially recognized as the eighth main game in the Resident Evil series by Capcom, Resident Evil Village promises to be as bone-chilling as the previous title: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Announced in June 2020 at the PlayStation 5 reveal event, the game follows Chris Redfield in the events following Resident Evil 7 in a, currently unnamed, village in Europe.

While we don’t have much information yet, many were confused by a very temporary title that appeared on Steam called Biohazard Village. It had all the aesthetic of the previous Resident Evil title and was clearly made as a copycat trying to cash in on Resident Evil Village. Fortunately, Biohazard Village was only available for one day on Steam before being taken down. Not only was the game an aesthetic copycat, but whoever decided to develop the game had an almost exact copy of the “Village” logo used in Resident Evil 8’s title.

Resident Evil 8: Village – Official Reveal Trailer | PS5 Reveal Event

However, since the game was only a little more than $1, it was scooped up by a lot of streamers who enjoyed showing off this blatant ripoff of Capcom’s property. It was clear the makers of Biohazard Village put absolutely no time or thought into the game as the graphics were incredibly unstable, the zombies had no working AI, and there was basically no story for it. It was a fun little distraction for the one day it was available. Maybe it was a ploy to get people talking about Resident Evil Village ahead of Tokyo Game Show 2020.

Capcom announced on Twitter that we’re going to get news about Resident Evil Village. Since it’s Tokyo Game Show, we’re anticipating a more in-depth look into the game with gameplay footage and other information. 

For now, we’ll have to settle for watching the beautiful announcement trailer over and over or seeing if we can get a leaked copy of Biohazard Village, which we believe, was only a marketing ploy. Look forward to Resident Evil Village news at the Tokyo Game show later in September. 

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